What Is a Ring?


A ring is an ornamental band or set of rings, worn on the finger (see finger, earring, and nose piercing). Rings have long been worn as a symbol of fidelity or commitment, as well as wealth and social status. They can be stacked together, worn separate, or even be combined with other jewelry pieces. They are commonly made of gold, silver, or other precious metals. They may be decorated with gemstones or other decorative materials. In the past, they have also been used to seal documents and serve as tokens of authority or office.

There are many types of rings, including signet, or seal, rings, which have the owner’s name and title deep sunk in hieroglyphics on an oblong gold bezel. In ancient Egypt, these rings were often worn with amulets as a protection against evil spirits. In the Greek and Roman periods, rings became more common as ornaments. The earliest existing examples are from Egypt and date from around 3100 BCE. The ancient Greeks and Romans were more likely to use rings in wedding ceremonies, and men’s rings were frequently engraved with heraldic emblems. In modern times, engagement rings are one of the most popular uses for rings.

For active wearers, rings that are less prone to slipping and moving along the finger can be an important factor. This is why it’s best to choose a metal that won’t get scratched or damaged easily. For example, platinum is much more durable than gold alloy and won’t rust. It’s also a hypoallergenic material, making it safe for most people.

When it comes to ring style, every woman has her own sense of what is elegant and chic. Some prefer simple bands with a hint of edge, while others go bolder with stackable diamond rings with a mix of shapes. For those who are looking for a more textured look, Sofia Kaman’s modern knife-edge designs and her Twig collection offer options with a rougher finish.

If you’re a modern minimalist, try one of these simple, yet stunning, rings for the right fit and feel. It’s the little details that make these rings stand out from other simple bands, such as the asymmetrical cut and the inverted triangle shape.

These rings will add a hint of intrigue to your ensemble. The inverted triangle shape and overlapping rows of stones create an interesting geometric silhouette that’s both classic and contemporary. The contrasting colors and metallic tones are also on trend for 2019.