The Most Versatile Jewelry Piece in Your Wardrobe

Rings are the most versatile piece of jewelry in your wardrobe. Wear them on their own or with other pieces to create bold layered looks. Resin rings and gemstone designs are on trend for a second year running, while gold stackable rings are always a winner. Silver is also a classic, and simple bands are the perfect way to give your hands a sophisticated look.

People around the world wear a variety of rings to signify commitment, such as engagements and marriages, or simply for beauty and fashion. The styles and designs of these rings can say a lot about the wearer, their personality and even their relationship status. The rings on your fingers are also a symbol of your soul, the energies that you absorb from the environment and other people. They can have a powerful effect on your mental and physical health.

Besides wedding bands, simple band-style rings are also popular for everyday wear. The key to a great everyday ring is to find a piece that is comfortable to wear and fits well on your finger. Often, that means finding a design that is narrower than traditional bands or is made from thin metal. In addition to simplicity, a few eye-catching details can make your ring stand out, like the rounded graduated row of diamonds on this platinum ring from Ring Concierge or the nick-set seven-round diamonds in this yellow gold band by Verlas.

Gemstones are the most common type of ring, and they come in a wide range of colors, cuts and settings. The most precious stones are sapphires, rubies and emeralds. But you can also find a lot of cool alternative stones, such as turquoise or onyx. Another popular choice is black and white diamonds, as shown in this ring from Verlas.

In many cultures, the rings on a person’s fingers symbolize the person’s family tree or lineage. This is especially true for those who have been adopted, as the rings can help them identify their biological parents. The rings on a person’s fingers can also tell a story about the wearer’s cultural background, including where they grew up and what beliefs or traditions they may have.

A ring is usually circular and can be worn on any finger of the hand. It is usually used to signify a betrothal or marriage, but it can also be a symbol of loyalty, love, or respect. A ring can also be worn to celebrate an achievement or event, such as graduation or retirement. It can even be a reminder of a person’s deceased loved one.

Historically, there have been many different types of rings, including memorial rings with the name or date of death engraved on them; posy rings, which held flower petals or a small effigy of a deceased person; and occult rings, which were believed to hold magical powers. Some of these rings even had hollow bezels that could be opened to contain a poison for suicide or homicide.