Trends in Wedding Rings

wedding rings

In the past, wedding rings were given to a bride as a symbol of ownership after her father gave his blessing, but today, it’s up to couples to decide what meaning they want to attach to their wedding bands. Since these are pieces you’ll wear nearly every day (and probably forever) it’s important that you choose something you truly love. And while a traditional gold band is always an option, you can also break with tradition by adding some more creative elements to your look.

One way to add a pop of personality to your band is by opting for a bold color or intricate pattern. You can even engrave your name, initials or wedding date on your ring to truly personalize it.

Another trend is to stack your ring with different metals or gemstones. While this is a great option for those who want to have a more unique look, it’s important that your choice complements your engagement ring and that the design of both pieces work well together. One of our favorite options is the Gallery Designs 14k Rose Diamond Leaf Ring, which features a delicate and elegant design that will look beautiful both paired with your engagement ring or worn as a stand-alone piece.

Many people are also choosing to ditch the traditional gold band in favor of a more modern and contemporary alternative. Sanogo explains that this is often because people have had their engagement rings for some time and are looking to mix things up with their wedding bands. She says that she is a big fan of Delfina Delettrez’s “Marry Me” collection, which has both a “cool and classic feel.”

If you prefer a more traditional approach to your wedding ring, we have plenty of options to choose from. For example, you can go for a more traditional yet contemporary style with the Embrace of Love ring from Tacori. This band features a classic pave of white and black diamonds that will complement any engagement ring and will also look stunning worn as a standalone piece.

For those who lead an active lifestyle, a titanium or zirconium ring is a good choice as they’re both durable and breathable, so they can be worn during all kinds of activities that would typically damage a conventional ring. Just remember that these types of rings can sometimes scratch or dent, so it’s best to take it off before doing anything that could ruin its one-of-a-kind luster.

If you’re really wanting to make a statement with your ring, you can go for a completely bespoke piece. Breitmeyer says that when designing a men’s bespoke ring, he often starts by considering what stone or materials to use and then he will ask the client how he wants his ring to look and feel. He says that this method allows the ring to be unique and tell a story about the wearer. We definitely agree!