Weddings in Space

space wedding

Weddings come in all shapes and sizes — from intimate warehouse soirees to sprawling old estate bashes. But one couple’s nuptials went beyond the ordinary when they got married in space. The ceremony was conducted via video linkup between the International Space Station and a hall in Houston, where bride and groom walked down the aisle to David Bowie’s “Absolute Beginners.” They sealed their vows with a kiss.

The couple, who met at a party for the first manned space flight by the astronaut Yuri Gagarin, had been used to long-distance relationships. They kept in touch by phone while he was on the ISS and she lived in Texas. When his time in orbit was extended, he asked his bosses to give him permission for the wedding. They agreed, and the cosmonaut said they felt a celestial, soulful connection in space.

As the world’s first space hotel gets closer to opening, space travel companies are starting to offer a way for couples to get hitched while gazing down on our third rock from the sun. One such company, Space Perspective, launched a crowdfunded campaign to sell tickets for its Neptune capsule, which can accommodate two for a ride into orbit in a carbon-neutral balloon with giant windows that give you the ultimate view of Earth.

Although the Neptune capsule can’t actually hold wedding ceremonies, the company is offering couples commemorative plaques to place on the satellite that will carry their love into space and back down to Earth again. It’s not available to everyone, though — trips to space are still rare. The founder of Warpspace, which is developing the plaques, says they will cost about as much as a typical wedding and won’t be cheap enough to appeal to regular people.

Another option is to marry in a virtual world called the metaverse. This augmented reality allows users to interact with the environment in ways that are impossible or impractical in real life. A recent wedding held in the metaverse was staged by Virbela, a company that builds virtual environments for work, education and events. The couple, who were represented by avatars, tied the knot in a virtual park and reception hall.

Whether you’re planning a rustic barn bash or a wedding in outer space, the key is to choose a venue that speaks to your needs and fits your vision. And while some spaces might feel a bit too big or too small, it’s important to envision how the space will look and function once it’s filled with guests and stocked with food and drinks.

If a raw space isn’t your thing, consider a pre-decorated venue that matches your aesthetic. Just make sure to consult with your officiant and planner about the logistics of making it happen. Then, let the dreaming begin!