Space Weddings – Unique Ways to Celebrate Your Big Day

space wedding

If you’re a space buff or have ever dreamed of getting married in the stars, you’ll love this out-of-this-world wedding venue. Chabot Space & Science Center in Oakland, CA offers multiple indoor and outdoor sites to host celestial ceremonies and receptions. The facility is free & open to the public, and all profits go towards supporting STEAM education programs for kids in the area.

You can hold a ceremony in the sky and even send your own commemorative plaque to space for an unusual and personalized way to celebrate your nuptials! A company in Japan is offering couples the chance to blast a small satellite up to the International Space Station that features a personalised 16mm by 8mm titanium plate with their names and the date of their wedding.

For a few thousand dollars, you can have your names etched onto a satellite that will be sent into space to orbit the earth for a year or two. The plaque will burn up in the atmosphere when it comes back down.

Another cool wedding idea is to have the space where you’ll be holding the event converted into a starship like Voyager Station, the orbiting cruise ship that will one day take space travelers to the stars. The spaceship will have restaurants, bars and entertainment options, much like today’s oceanic cruise ships.

A company called Virbela is developing a platform that will allow you to create your own virtual world for your big day and invite people to join in the fun. You can have a virtual bride and groom, your own wedding planner, music and even a video of the entire ceremony.

Adding this kind of futuristic element to your space wedding will add that extra touch of sci-fi cool that many couples are looking for, and it also allows you to have a more intimate experience with your guests, who can get a real sense of how far out of this world you’re willing to travel to celebrate your love!

You can also bring in a space drone to take pictures of your ceremony and reception from the sky. This kind of photo-taking option will help you capture the unique aspects of your space wedding that make it special, and it can be a fantastic way to document your special day for future memories!

Finally, you can even have your wedding filmed from space using a drone or other high-def video camera. This could be a great way to capture your special moment, and it will also make for a memorable video that you can show your family and friends on your anniversary or after the wedding!

What’s more, you can have your entire wedding party filmed as well! You can use a drone to film yourself and your wedding party as they get ready for the big day, or you can hire a cinematic photographer or videographer who can shoot the whole thing.

A space wedding is a unique way to celebrate your marriage, but it’s not something that’s available for everyone. Some couples will want to choose a more traditional ceremony location and then incorporate the space shuttle or other unique elements into their space wedding theme. Other couples will opt to have an in-person ceremony, followed by a more remote ceremony that they can watch from the comfort of their own home.