How a Couple Made It to the Moon and Back For a Space Wedding

For couples who love outer space, the idea of a space wedding might seem like a dream come true. But there are many hurdles to consider before planning such a special occasion. From decorating a raw space to figuring out how many guests will attend, it’s best to hire an experienced wedding planner who can help you navigate the space and make sure all of your wedding dreams come true on your big day.

Astronomy-inspired decorations are the perfect way to add a touch of extravagance and fun to your celestial wedding. You can use gold stars, moon phase illustrations and astronomy-themed signs to decorate your reception or ceremony. If you have a venue that has a large floor, you can also place large white globes on the dance floor to give the space a star-filled sky effect.

You can find many more ideas for celestial themed decor on Pinterest, including floating candles, a starry sky backdrop and planetarium decor. You can also add metallic silver, gold or bronze elements to your wedding decorations and centerpieces for a more elegant look.

The Couple Who Made It to the Moon and Back for a Space Wedding

In a space station orbiting just south of New Zealand, Yuri Malenchenko married his long-time girlfriend Dmitriev Isaev. The pair met in the Soviet Union, where Malenchenko trained as a cosmonaut and Isaev studied physics. Their romance was based on their shared love for science and space exploration, which they say was a strong foundation for their long-distance relationship.

But it wasn’t until he was assigned to a space mission that the couple decided to make their union official. Despite the fact that Russian officials said other cosmonauts wouldn’t be allowed to marry in space, Malenchenko and Isaev decided to go ahead with their plans. Originally, the couple had planned to have 200 guests attend their wedding in Houston, but then Malenchenko was assigned to a space flight, which meant he would be away from Earth for an extended period of time.

Once Malenchenko had been reacquired from space, he and Isaev had a private family conference and then exchanged their vows. During the ceremony, they appeared on video linkup with the station and the couple’s best man, Ed Lu, played Mendelssohn’s “Wedding March” music, according to NBC.

Getting Married in a Public Space

There are many advantages to having a wedding in a public space, such as the freedom to choose a location and avoid costs associated with an in-person ceremony. But the downside is that there are often rules and regulations, which can lead to confusion and a lot of stress on your big day.

A Japanese company is offering to blast commemorative plaques into space for a few thousand yen (US$270). The company, Warpspace, is partnering with a hotel that often hosts wedding banquets in order to offer this service.

Choosing Your Wedding Location

A raw space or dry hire wedding is a great choice for couples who want to do something a little different on their big day. These venues are often barns, warehouses and breweries, but you can also rent a hangar or gallery for your celebration. You’ll want to work with a wedding planner to determine if you can get a permit for the venue and what permits are required. You’ll need to ensure that you have enough room for a dance floor, tables and serving stations.