5 Tips for Buying an Engagement Ring


A ring is a circular band of metal, often with gemstones and ornaments. It is worn on the finger, toes, or ear (see earring). They have been used as symbols of authority, fidelity, and social status since ancient times.

A diamond ring is a beautiful way to express your love and devotion to your significant other, but it’s important to make sure you select the right ring for her. Here are five tips to help you find the perfect ring:

Measure Her Finger

Before you shop for an engagement ring, be sure to get her measurements. You’ll want to make sure the ring is comfortable for her and will look good on her hand.

Choose a Style That Fits Her Lifestyle

If you’re looking for a ring that will work well with her hobbies and activities, choose something that’s more delicate than a traditional high-set diamond. This will allow the ring to be less likely to snag and break.

Choose a Ring that’s in Her Favorite Color and Design

If she likes classic, understated jewelry, choose a silver or gold band with her favorite stone. This is a great way to show her you’ve taken the time to learn her preferences and make her feel special.

Try a Ring on Her Finger Before You Buy It

If her ring finger is smaller than the other fingers, she may find that she has trouble wearing it. This can happen with rings that are too heavy for her, or if she’s got a larger than average size. To avoid this, she can wrap a piece of tape around her finger and pull it away from her skin until it’s just slightly loose. If it’s not quite loose, she can then take it to a jeweler to be sized for a more suitable size.

Check the Metal Quality

When it comes to purchasing a ring, it’s important to understand what makes a metal or gemstone authentic. There are a few reputable organizations that evaluate the characteristics of stones and gemstones to ensure they are real. They include the Gemological Institute of America, HRD Antwerp, and the International Gemological Institute.

Consider Getting Her a Ring She Can Wear While Working

She’s hands-on with her job or hobbies, so you might want to consider a ring that she can easily wear while she’s doing her daily tasks. This is especially true if she has to move around a lot, or she’s involved with sports or gardening.

Consider Buying Her a Ring That’s in Her Favorite Color and Designs

She has a lot of different interests, so she’ll probably have a variety of tastes when it comes to jewelry. If she’s into vintage designs, she might appreciate a delicate floral halo ring from Blue Nile.

Consider Buying Her a Diamond or Gemstone Ring

She loves to wear diamonds and other precious stones. You’ll want to choose a ring with a high clarity and a low-set center stone. This will help to keep it from snagging and breaking, which can be especially dangerous with a diamond ring.