Planning a Space Wedding

space wedding

Whether you are dreaming of an industrial warehouse wedding or a rustic barn bash, having your big day in a raw space can give you a unique and memorable experience. But it can be daunting to plan a space wedding, as there are many aspects that must be considered. Luckily, event planner Tonia Adleta, Owner & Creative Director of Aribella Events, has put together some tips to help you get started planning the perfect space wedding!

Decorations: The first step to bringing your vision to life is to determine what decorations will be needed. Some event spaces are more suitable for certain decor styles than others, so it is important to visit the venue personally and get a feel for what will be best for your big day.

A great place to start is by preparing a mood board. This will help you to get an idea of what types of decorations are best suited for the venue you have chosen and ensure that everything will look coordinated on the big day.

For example, a big warehouse may not be the most appropriate place to display masses of flowers, so it is a good idea to choose smaller flower arrangements that are more suitable for the type of decor you have in mind. Another option would be to hire a floral designer or florist, who can design arrangements that will complement the space and tie into your overall wedding theme.

Lighting: You’ll want to consider the natural lighting of your space, as well as any additional artificial lighting needs you may have. If you’re using an industrial warehouse space, for instance, you’ll probably need to invest in a good quality lighting system that can accommodate a large quantity of bulbs and fixtures.

The lighting of your space will also have an impact on the acoustics of the venue. If you’re having your ceremony in an industrial warehouse, for example, you’ll need to make sure that the sound levels will be acceptable for all of your guests.

Entertainment: Choosing the right music for your space wedding is also an important aspect of your overall vision. You’ll want to choose a variety of genres that will suit the atmosphere of your space wedding and keep the mood lively throughout the reception.

If you are having your ceremony outside, you’ll also need to consider the weather. Depending on the location of your space wedding, you may need to plan for a heater or air conditioning system.

Photo and Videography: You’ll likely need a photographer or videographer to capture the beauty of your space wedding. Checking into the availability and experience of these visual arts professionals will ensure that you get lasting memories from your special day.

Restrooms: Depending on the type of event space you choose, you’ll need to find out whether or not there are restrooms available. Generally speaking, indoor event spaces will offer bathrooms on site, but outdoor venues may require you to rent a portable bathroom, which can be expensive and inconvenient for your guests.