Planning a Space Wedding

space wedding

Space themed weddings have been popular for years. The first space wedding took place in 2011, when a couple married on the International Space Station. Since then, several more couples have gotten married in orbit.

Among them is Yuri Malenchenko and Ekaterina Dmitriev, who were married on October 21, 2018. Both cosmonauts were born in 1961, and are members of the Russian Air Force. They were preparing for a mission when Malenchenko proposed to his girlfriend. His proposal was made via a phone call. He blew a kiss to his soon to be bride and played a wedding march. In honor of the occasion, he wore a classic dress.

There are a number of different options for space themed weddings. One option is a wedding held at a NASA facility, such as the Kennedy Space Center in Florida. Another option is a wedding held at the Moon or Mars.

A third option is a wedding that takes place on Earth. This can be achieved through a variety of methods, such as live broadcasting. Depending on the venue, you may need to hire a professional, such as a videographer. You may also need to rent space for a ceremony and reception.

It is a good idea to visit the venue to get a better sense of what will be required to have a successful wedding there. You will need to be familiar with what type of furnishings are allowed, and whether or not the space is big enough to accommodate all of your guests. Depending on the type of event, you may need to rent portable bathrooms and other types of equipment.

While planning a wedding, you should also take into consideration what types of decorations you’ll need to have at the wedding reception and during the ceremony. For example, if you’re having an outdoor event, you might need to rent tables, chairs, and a tent. Having a space-themed wedding means you’ll need to consider the lighting and decor for the space.

In a way, it’s not surprising that the most important wedding function would be to get married. During the Soviet era, military officers were required to get permission from the government to marry a foreigner. However, this rule wasn’t always enforced. Some cosmonauts were permitted to marry onboard spacecrafts, but others were not.

Although Malenchenko and Dmitriev were able to marry on Earth, they had to go through a long series of hoops before they could. After a long battle, they were finally granted permission to marry.

Malenchenko and Dmitriev are now legally married, and have been since July 17. Their marriage was officially recognized by the Russian Space Administration. They will hold a religious wedding in Russia in June of next year.

One of the best things about the space wedding was the size of the fruit bowl. In addition to the large fruit bowl, the guests were impressed by the forms of the space station and space shuttle.