Celebrating a Space Wedding

space wedding

Space weddings have been a favorite topic for years. They are an ode to mankind’s drive to conquer space. But despite its popularity, it is still not legal in the United States. The space program has set up a hotline for people to make arrangements for a telephonic ceremony.

One of the most famous space weddings was performed by Russian cosmonaut Sergei Malenchenko and his bride, Ekaterina Dmitriev. They married in Yaroslavl, Russia, and were reunited on Earth two months later.

Malenchenko is the commander of the International Space Station and holds the record for the longest time spent in space. He has logged 827 days and nine hours in orbit. It was not possible for him to postpone the wedding because of his job. As a result, Malenchenko had to perform a proxy marriage ceremony.

Malenchenko’s career was expected to come to an end when he reached the end of his mission. However, his wife’s family convinced him to extend his mission. That way, he could continue to train for the upcoming space flight. In October 2012, he was able to go back to Russia and see his bride.

The cosmonaut was married to his American citizen bride, Ekaterina, in a virtual ceremony. After a brief period of silence, Yuri blew a kiss to his new wife. The cosmonaut wore a formal flight uniform to mark the occasion.

There were many details that went into planning the wedding. The couple was granted a marriage license by the Russian government. However, the official who handled the wedding said that it was not an official ceremony. This meant that Yuri would not be able to get a permit to marry on the ground.

In addition to the telephonic ceremony, the cosmonaut had to sign documents to get married to his U.S.-citizen wife. He also had to deputize an American lawyer to sign the documents.

Malenchenko and Ekaterina are expected to have a religious wedding in Russia next June. They are both expected to spend about 240 million yen on the ceremony. At the reception, guests were treated to Italian and Russian delicacies. Ed Lu, a best man, played a Mendelssohn song called “Wedding March”.

The Russian Aerospace Agency argued that the telephonic wedding was not a legitimate marriage. They said that other cosmonauts wouldn’t be allowed to marry a foreigner. Their position was not supported by the Russian Mission Control Center.

For a space wedding to work, it is important to consider all the different requirements. A venue can help you to navigate these challenges. If you are hosting an event at a large venue, you may need portable bathrooms and rugs to create a comfortable environment. Other factors such as lighting and decor can help to make the wedding feel more intimate.

Despite the complexities of a space wedding, it is possible. In the future, couples will be able to exchange vows in zero gravity. And with the right planning, a wedding can be a meaningful event that will last a lifetime.