Space Wedding

space wedding

Space Weddings are a new concept in wedding ceremonies, but they aren’t just for the faint of heart. Taking place in the distant future, a space wedding is a reflection of mankind’s desire to expand into space. The ceremony will take place at 100 kilometers above the earth’s surface.

One of the most interesting aspects of the wedding was the reception. There were a variety of food options, including Italian and Russian delicacies. A giant fruit bowl was a hit with the guests. An elegant archway enhanced the space. Guests were impressed by the life size cutout of the groom.

Another highlight was the video link. The couple was able to hold a video conference from the International Space Station to their Houston reception. This was a first for the ISS, and not just for the ISS. While there was no television coverage of the event, it was classified as a “private family conference.”

Yuri Malenchenko, the 41 year old commander of the ISS, was the star of the show, even though he had to wear a tuxedo for the cosmic ceremony. His best man was Ed Lu. And the bride had a very important role. Having been in orbit for eight months, the cosmonaut had to get married. He was unable to postpone the event, and it was a very significant occasion.

During the event, the bride entered the hall in a David Bowie song and then walked down the aisle to another song, a wedding march by Mendelssohn. Other important items included a giant fruit bowl, a life size cutout of the groom, and an elaborate space helmet.

Besides the space wedding, there are also other options for couples looking to wed in the stars. Space Perspective has already begun taking reservations for space weddings in 2024. Rocketplane is also planning to send a space shuttle to the moon and Mars. These companies offer unique space wedding venues, and they’re expected to offer their services to the public in the near future. Ticket prices for space weddings vary, but they are usually lower than Virgin Galactic’s $250k 90-minute flight.

In addition to the Space Wedding, a variety of other novelty events will be held in space. One option involves a dog, or Cuber, a dog that has been sent into space to serve as an astronaut’s companion. Similarly, there’s a company called Rocketplane, which is based in Oklahoma City and Oklahoma, and is designed to help space travelers reach Earth’s orbit.

There are also several smaller space wedding venues that can be found in NYC and other cities. Planning for a small space wedding requires attention to the space itself and the decor and lighting that it will require. It’s also important to find a professional wedding planner to handle the details. You might also want to consider videography. Some of these services will cost extra, but the venue will be able to provide recommendations.

A good way to start your space wedding planning is to make a list of your must-haves. Be sure to ask about the decor, lighting, and other things that may be important to you. Also, if you can, visit the venue before you start your wedding planning to get a sense of the atmosphere.