A Space Wedding

space wedding

Space weddings have become more popular in recent years. They can be a great way to celebrate a unique relationship or a special occasion. While some cosmonauts have chosen to get married while in orbit, other astronauts have preferred to do so on the ground.

Yuri Malenchenko is one of the first cosmonauts to marry in space. He married Ekaterina Dmitriev, a US citizen, while he was in orbit. The two opted to get married during a short stint on the International Space Station.

Before he married her, Malenchenko had already spent over two years in orbit. After their marriage, he performed another two space missions, as well as several spacewalks. In all, he spent 827 days and nine hours in space.

Although Malenchenko and Dmitriev had been together for many years, the wedding was the best way to celebrate their new life together. During the wedding ceremony, Ekaterina walked down the aisle to David Bowie’s “Absolute Beginners” while Yuri blew a kiss to her.

A wedding in space was not always easy. Not only did they have to contend with the elements of a long space flight, but they also had to deal with the complications of getting married while a cosmonaut. This meant that the groom needed to be in contact with a friend who would stand in for him in Houston.

Fortunately, the couple had a friend who could help them make their dream a reality. Tonia Adleta, the owner of Aribella Events, was able to offer space-related wedding planning services. She helped the couple find a venue that offered both convenience and ambiance.

One of the main attractions was the giant fruit bowl. It featured forms of the space shuttle and station, making it a pretty impressive display. On the other hand, the blue spaceman required some pressure to keep it from breaking through the fondant.

Luckily for Malenchenko and Dmitriev, Russian officials decided to approve the wedding. Despite the fact that Russian law requires a formal wedding ceremony to take place on the ground, the couple still managed to have a private ceremony in space.

Several months after the wedding, Malenchenko returned to Earth for a few weeks. Upon his return, he was greeted by Ekaterina at the airport. Later in the day, he was able to make it to the Space & Rocket Center in Colorado for a reception.

Guests at the party enjoyed Italian and Russian delicacies. Some even had the chance to view a live broadcast from outer space. Overall, the reception was a fun and memorable experience for everyone.

Despite the challenges, the space wedding was a big hit with both guests and the Russian authorities. Both the bride and groom received an award for their achievements. The ceremony also sparked interest in the general public. As a result, a Tokyo-based wedding company is now accepting space-related reservations.

Obviously, the real secret to a successful space wedding is the right venue. Whether it’s a simple reception or a full-blown celebration, it’s important to consider the details.