Wedding Rings – The Symbol of Your New Life

wedding rings

Whether you choose to wear your engagement ring alone or as part of a bridal set, your wedding rings are an important symbol of your new life together. The tradition of wearing rings has been around for thousands of years, but the origins of marriage rings are unclear. The Romans, Greeks, and Egyptians are believed to be the first cultures to use rings as a symbol of eternal marriage. These rings were carved with figures of couples, and often included a cross or Jesus.

During Medieval times, rings were also carved. Portrait rings were popular, and the Byzantine Empire carved rings with full figures of couples. During the 17th century, diamonds were used in engagement rings. It was a way for men to show their woman they were worth the commitment. Diamonds were also a symbol of steadfastness, and symbolized eternal marriage.

A marriage ring is usually worn on the fourth finger of the left hand, and is the symbol of the union of two people. The ring may be worn on the ring finger or on the pinky finger. Most wedding rings today are a little simpler than earlier styles. However, there are more elaborate rings, such as stacked bands, available. These rings are made from various metals, and can be made with different stones.

Rings are made from many different materials, including gold, silver, and platinum. Wedding rings can also be made from black zirconium, which is a type of zirconium oxide. Black zirconium rings are created by oxidizing the zirconium metal to create a black surface. Black zirconium rings have low density, but good hardness. They are often polished to a smooth surface.

Platinum is one of the hardest and most expensive types of metals. It is often alloyed with ruthenium, iridium, or rhodium. Platinum rings are also the most dense, making them more expensive. However, platinum rings have superior properties, and have a higher purity than palladium rings. Platinum rings often have a purity of at least 95%.

Rose gold, also known as red gold or pink gold, is another popular material. Its signature warmth is a great way to offset traditional white gold. It is also popular in bi-coloured rings.

Other popular materials include iron, tungsten, and titanium. Iron rings were common in the Middle Ages, and sometimes had key motifs. They symbolized the control of the wife’s household items. They were often paired with rose cut diamonds, and were commonly set in silver.

Wedding rings can be made with different stones, and are often designed as bridal sets. The most common types of stones include diamond, ruby, and sapphire. Emerald is also a popular gemstone. Other ethical gems include moissanite and lab-grown diamonds. If you would like to customize your wedding ring, you can choose your own gemstone and ring design. Blue Nile offers a ring builder tool so you can design your own unique wedding ring.

You may also choose to have a custom wedding ring made. This can be a great option for couples who want to have rings that are unique, but who also want to save money.