How to Plan a Space Wedding

space wedding

The idea of a space wedding is as unusual as it is unique. A couple can get married in space if they can make it happen. Russian cosmonaut Yuri Malenchenko and Russian astronaut Ekaterina Dmitriev got married by video link from the International Space Station. They exchanged vows and celebrated their marriage with a wedding march.

This type of wedding is possible because of the cost. It costs 93 lakh rupees to travel to space and is equivalent to the size of a football stadium. Space Perspective is the company that designed a special type of space balloon. It is estimated that space weddings will be possible as early as 2024.

The couple married on July 17 while preparing for their mission in space. Their wedding was delayed by officials at the Russian Aerospace Agency but the two remained committed and were issued a marriage license. They were able to make it happen despite a number of challenges, including a Soviet-era rule that required military officers to get permission to marry foreigners. But the Russian officials gave the couple their blessing and said that other cosmonauts would be unlikely to be able to get married in space.

The couple opted for a space wedding because they wanted to celebrate their union in a way they wouldn’t otherwise be able to. The Chabot Space and Science Center only opens its telescopes for 15 minutes a day, but they didn’t want to miss out on this amazing moment. Bettina even managed to get to the top of a telescope while wearing her wedding dress!

When planning a small space wedding, space and lighting are important factors to keep in mind. Investing in rugs can also make the room more welcoming. However, not all rugs are appropriate for all wedding styles. You can also choose a space wedding venue that has unique features to offer. A small space can save you money and make your ceremony a unique experience.

If you can afford it, you can also hire a space balloon. They can carry up to eight people and fly up to 100,000 feet. The trip can last six hours and offers panoramic views of the Earth. Guests will also enjoy a toilet, bar and WiFi. You and your guests will be in awe of the experience.

Using raw space is not easy, but an experienced wedding planner can help you make it work. If you don’t have the time to set up the restrooms, you can hire executive restroom trailers to provide temporary restrooms. Moreover, you should make sure that the temperature is comfortable for guests. If the space is too hot or too cold for your wedding, you can consider using heaters or air conditioning.