A Wedding in Space

space wedding

A Russian cosmonaut, Yuri Malenchenko, and his wife, Ekaterina Dmitriev, tied the knot in outer space. The wedding ceremony was held via video link from NASA headquarters in Houston, Texas. The couple exchanged vows and celebrated the ceremony by listening to a David Bowie song. The wedding march was played as the couple walked down the aisle.

Guests were treated to Russian and Italian delicacies during the reception. A giant fruit bowl, shaped like space station and space shuttle, was a great talking point for the guests. A life-size cut-out of the groom welcomed guests at the reception. Malenchenko, a colonel in the Russian air force, had spent four months aboard the space station Mir in 1994. When he returned to Russia, he had to train for another mission to space. He proposed to his bride via telephone.

The ceremony would last for about 60 minutes and take place 100 kilometers above Earth’s surface. The ceremony will include up to three witnesses. The ceremony will require about 240 million yen. While the space balloon journey will be expensive, it will be worth it. A space wedding would be the most spectacular wedding experience of a lifetime and an unforgettable memory for a lifetime.

As you can see, space weddings are becoming a popular trend. Even the Chapel of the Flowers has a Mars location planned for their future ceremonies. Unlike Earth-bound weddings, a space wedding is unique and breathtaking, and will never need building permits! It also offers a great way to commemorate your love for one another and to celebrate your new life.

While space weddings are not yet available in the United States, space tourism is booming. American millionaire Dennis Tito reportedly paid the Russian space agency 20 million dollars to arrange a space wedding. He was later rewarded with the Hero of the Russian Federation award. They even met in an event celebrating Yuri Gagarin’s first manned space flight.

If you are a design-savvy couple, you may want to consider hiring a wedding planner. Your wedding planner will be the main liaison between you and all the vendors. It’s also important to consider the unique requirements of your space. The planner you choose should have experience in planning unconventional spaces. A planner will know what to do with the space, and they will also be your main point of contact with the venue’s staff.

If you’re planning an outdoor ceremony, make sure the space is accessible. Depending on how many people will be attending your ceremony, you may want to consider setting up the space in a way that allows everyone to see each other. Ample power outlets and adjustable lighting are essential. And, of course, your guests should feel comfortable in the space they’re in.