The History of Wedding Rings

wedding rings

In ancient times, wedding rings were adorned with precious stones. Rings were also a way to show affection for your future spouse. The Egyptians believed that a vein in the ring finger connected to the heart. Therefore, it was customary to wear the wedding band closest to the heart. The tradition was continued by the Greeks and Romans. These ancient peoples made rings out of gold, silver, or iron. The rings were often decorated with ornate carvings and cut stones. Some rings also had colorful enamel.

If you want a durable wedding ring, you can go for a harder metal like platinum. Platinum is known for its extreme hardness and beautiful white color. However, platinum can be very expensive. If you’re prepared to spend a lot of money on a wedding ring, platinum would be a good choice.

The wedding ring symbolizes the commitment between the husband and wife. It is a symbolic representation of the union between them and represents the chastity of their love. It represents a lifelong commitment to each other. The wedding ring also symbolizes the permanence of marriage. In Christian art, it is often used to represent marriage. It is depicted in images of Mary and Joseph exchanging their wedding rings before the priest.

There are many different styles of wedding bands available to couples. Some couples choose to match their wedding bands with their engagement rings, while others prefer to have their rings reflect their personal tastes. The choice is entirely up to you, but there are plenty of designs, stones, and metals to choose from. Your choice should be one that reflects your personalities and your relationship.

The wedding ring is traditionally worn on the third finger of the left hand. According to the Catholic Source Book, the ring is round, without a beginning or an end. The round shape of the wedding ring symbolizes eternity and unbroken love. A couple can choose to have romantic sayings engraved on their rings.

Today, most spouses choose to keep their wedding rings. Some even choose to wear them all their lives. Some wear them on a chain around their neck. These rings become precious heirlooms for the couple. They often tell the story of the couple and their future children. However, the rings require special care to keep their beauty.

Wedding rings have been around for many centuries. In the 17th century, they were mainly worn by women. Later, the Christian church started promoting the practice of exchanging wedding rings. This practice eventually led to the creation of dual rings. Soldiers often wore rings that represented their wives. Later, the tradition was taken up by civilians and became widespread.

Although diamonds remain the most traditional choice, many women have turned to more unique and colorful ring styles. Some celebrities choose rings with red rubies, blue sapphires, and emeralds.