A Space Wedding – The First of Its Kind

space wedding

When Rob and Bettina got engaged they planned a special space wedding to celebrate their love for each other. Guests could only view the telescopes at the Chabot Space and Science Center for a short amount of time, so the couple decided to take advantage of this opportunity. Despite her wedding gown, Bettina bravely climbed the ladders up to the top. And while they were in space, they celebrated by holding a space wedding.

The couple celebrated the nuptials in space via satellite video link. During the ceremony, the couple posed in front of a life-size cardboard cutout of each other and listened to a David Bowie song. And they had a wedding march played by a musician who also served as a cosmonaut. The wedding was the first of its kind, and the couple hoped to make it as an example to others.

A Japanese company is currently accepting reservations for space weddings. The ceremony will take place 100 kilometers above the Earth’s surface. Couples will have 60 minutes to exchange vows before descending to Earth. And, because they will have complete control of the flight, they can invite as many as three guests. They can have a priest and two more people to perform the ceremony as long as it is conducted before the launch. A live feed of the ceremony can be viewed by the couple and their family on Earth.

Although the space wedding was a sensational event, Russian officials disapproved of the ceremony. According to Russian officials, the wedding transmission should be treated as a private family conference. It is unclear whether Russian officials will sanction the ceremony or allow it to take place. While many people applauded the ceremony, the couple is likely to face a few snide comments in the press. And they may still face legal issues, since their mission to Mars was not yet deemed safe.

The idea of having a space wedding is not new. It isn’t a new idea, but it’s a unique concept that is gaining in popularity. In fact, a chapel on Mars is currently under construction. It will have a local architect. But the company will keep the design secret until the wedding is ready to be held. Despite the space wedding’s novelty, the chapel will be as spectacular as its destination. And, unlike the traditional wedding, there won’t be any building permits required.

One advantage to having a wedding in a raw space is that it’s a great place to express the personalities of the couple. Despite its rawness, it’s also inexpensive. If you’re planning a small space wedding, you can still find a great photographer and a professional wedding planner to help you. A wedding planner can be your main liaison with vendors. And you can’t go wrong with her advice. She has extensive experience planning unconventional weddings and can make the process as easy as possible.

When planning a ceremony space, think about how you’ll use it. You want it to be flexible. If it is indoors, make sure that you have power outlets and adjustable lighting. If you’re having your wedding outdoors, be sure to consider accessibility and other features that will make it more comfortable for all your guests. This can make a big difference in your wedding day. A wedding in a beautiful space will be a memorable experience for everyone involved.