Space Weddings Are Getting More Popular

space wedding

A Japanese firm has begun accepting reservations for space wedding ceremonies. Couples will be shot up to 60 miles in the air and exchange their vows in zero gravity. It will cost 240 million yen per couple for the ceremony. It will cost an additional 40 million yen for the celebrant, priest and two more guests. Couples can also include live broadcasts of the ceremony from outer space. Space weddings are becoming more popular, so there’s no reason not to try it yourself!

While space weddings are not yet legal in the United States, space tourism has grown rapidly. American millionaire Dennis Tito has already paid the Russian space agency 20 million to marry an astronaut. The wedding transmission is classified as a private family conference. The couple will have 60 minutes to exchange vows. It’s unclear what their budget is, but Flight Advantage has said that the cost will increase with increased demand. The company’s goal is to conduct the first space wedding in 2011.

On July 11, 2010, a Russian cosmonaut married a U.S. citizen during a space mission. The bride was a tall brunette in a classic wedding gown. She entered the wedding hall to the tune of ‘Absolute Beginners’ by David Bowie. Her husband wore a bow tie to mark the occasion. Despite being so far out in space, the effects of the first space wedding were still felt decades later.

Although it was initially predicted that the space wedding would end Malenchenko’s career, he went on to complete two more missions on the ISS. Although the Russian Aerospace Agency tried to stop Malenchenko from marrying his new wife, the Russians allowed the ceremony. The Russian government also agreed to put the rule into future contracts for cosmonauts. If a space wedding does go ahead, it may be illegal in the future.

There are also many unique space wedding venues to choose from. If you’re looking for a modern venue with a unique character, you should consider an industrial space, such as a repurposed warehouse. This venue has an industrial, loft-like appearance, complete with exposed wooden floors, skylights and high beam ceilings. A space wedding in this style can be a stylish and intimate affair. If you’re planning a smaller wedding with 50 guests, you might consider a trendy repurposed warehouse in your area.

A space wedding on Mars may seem out of place in Earth’s far-flung planet. But it’s becoming increasingly popular, as it embodies the uniqueness and sentimentality of the couple. A space wedding can also be very inexpensive, especially if the couple wants to save on a lot of money. There are many advantages of a space wedding, including the fact that there are no building permits necessary to conduct the ceremony on the surface of Mars.