Space Weddings

space wedding

A Japanese firm has begun accepting reservations for space weddings. The ceremony will take place 100 kilometers above the surface of the Earth. The couple will exchange vows under zero-gravity conditions before being shot into space, and the wedding itself will cost 240 million yen. The couple will also have up to three other guests attend the ceremony. The couple will be shot up into the sky by rocket and will probably see a faint outline of Earth while floating in space.

Those looking for a unique venue can consider the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex. The historic spacecraft are a unique backdrop to your wedding, leaving a lasting impression on your guests. If you’re in the area, the venue can accommodate a small reception and a cocktail hour. For more information, contact the center’s wedding specialists. They can provide you with more information and help you plan your space wedding. You can also choose a private venue if you’d like.

Flight Advantage is also offering space weddings on a commercial flight. The couple will be able to have sixty minutes to perform their ceremony. The company expects that the first space wedding will take place in 2011, and that Chinese and Arabian tourists will be interested. However, it is not known whether the Russians will grant permission to conduct the ceremony. However, the service is already becoming popular in other countries. They’ve been doing it successfully in China and Russia and are hoping to see an increase in business and interest.

In June, a Russian cosmonaut married a U.S. citizen. Yuri Malenchenko, a Russian citizen, was on a space mission when Ekaterina Dmitrieva got engaged. The couple were joined together by video link. The bride walked down the aisle to a David Bowie song, while the groom appeared on the video conference monitor. Despite the distance, the space wedding was a success for the couple and their families.

As a cosmonaut, it was difficult to plan a wedding during the launch of the ISS. But when Malenchenko got married, he barely had enough time to prepare. He was busy preparing for the mission, and it took time to plan a wedding. They were officially issued a marriage license on July 17, and the wedding took place just days later. Before the ceremony, however, Russian officials tried to convince Malenchenko not to marry his wife. The Russians said that it would be difficult for other cosmonauts to marry foreigners, and that they would include the rule in future preflight contracts.

Raw space wedding venues can be an inexpensive option. A wedding in an unorthodox space can be sentimental and cost-effective. A raw space can reflect a couple’s love story, personality, and uniqueness. Although renting a space can be expensive, it’s worth it if it is truly special to the couple. If you can find a space that is suitable for your wedding, you may want to hire a professional to do the decor for you.