Space Wedding Video

space wedding

Almost five years ago, NASA astronauts Yuri Malenchenko and Ekaterina Dmitrieva tied the knot via space wedding video. The ceremony was held at NASA headquarters in Houston, Texas, while Malenchenko was on board the International Space Station. The couple exchanged their vows via video link. The couple also wore bow ties to celebrate the occasion. Although the couple was only partially in space, the effects of the space wedding were still felt years later.

In the years after their space wedding, many feared their cosmonaut careers were over. However, Malenchenko continued to fly on two more ISS missions. The marriage was not officially prohibited, but cosmonaut contracts prohibit such a wedding. Now, it is possible for other astronauts to get married in space, and space weddings can be a unique experience for both the bride and the groom. If you’d like to be part of the first space wedding, don’t wait.

One space wedding has become popular and is even going to take place on Mars. The Martian chapel will work with an Earth-bound architect to design an elegant space wedding venue. The design will be kept secret until the wedding is ready to be revealed. The resulting space wedding venue will be as beautiful as the destination, and it won’t require building permits. The couple’s wedding video will be broadcast worldwide. Hopefully, their dream space wedding will inspire others to do the same!

For a space wedding, the couple will have about 60 minutes to say “I do” in front of a planet 100 kilometers above Earth. In this way, they will have time to say “I do” and celebrate the union with all their loved ones. The space weddings will be the first of its kind and promise to become a reality in the near future. And the company is hoping that China and Arabian countries will be interested in this exciting new service.

As for the ceremony itself, the Russian Mission Control Center never got in touch with the bride’s family. This was despite the fact that the wedding was classified as a “private family conference” by the Russian government. Moreover, Malenchenko’s friend stood in for him, which meant that he could attend the wedding without leaving Earth. The cosmonaut even proposed to the bride over the telephone. The wedding was a memorable event for the couple, who now have a daughter, Camilla.

In addition to a space-based wedding, you can also choose an event hall in a historical building. The Greenpoint Loft, which was once a pre-WWII warehouse, has been restored to its original raw look. It features exposed high beam ceilings, wooden floors, and open window skylights. A space like this is truly unique and sentimental. However, it can be expensive for many people, so be sure to hire a professional wedding planner.