The History of Wedding Rings

wedding rings

There are many different kinds of wedding rings. Ancient Romans and Egyptians used reeds and plant matter for their wedding rings. These materials were difficult to clean and needed to be replaced often. In the middle ages, metals like iron became popular, but silver was only worn by the rich. The 17th century brought the invention of gimmel rings, which were rings made from interlocking bands. The rings could be worn by both partners, or one could unpair the other’s.

In the Middle Ages, the Romans adapted this custom, and began giving their lovers gold rings. These rings often depicted the gods of love, Eros and Cupid. In the Renaissance, the ring’s symbolism shifted to the Christian faith. Throughout the Middle Ages, couples wore engagement rings to mark their relationship. The groom placed the band on his bride’s finger during the wedding ceremony. Then, he united the rings, making a matching set. By the 2nd century CE, most rings were made of gold.

Before the Supreme Court’s ruling in 2015, same-sex marriage was illegal in the United States, but it was not a major hindrance to couples. Most LGBTQ+ couples now wear their wedding rings on the left hand, as an expression of equality in marriage. Because almost 10% of the population is left-handed, wearing the ring on the hand with the dominant hand can be detrimental to the ring. It can also get in the way of daily tasks.

Custom made wedding rings are a great option if you can afford it. These rings can be cheaper and more unique than traditional wedding rings, and are also personalized by fingerprint. Many of them also come with additional meanings, like the names of the couples or the date of the wedding. If you want to make the ring even more personal, consider getting a ring with the fingerprint of both of you inscribed on it. This way, it’ll be even more special to her.

The most obvious meaning for wearing a wedding ring is to symbolize the start of a new chapter in life. It is also a gateway to a family, as marriage is the only path to legitimate heirs. While the size of each ring varies, the same idea applies to the design of both rings. One ring will be smaller than the other, while the other will be larger. The smaller rings can represent the larger sun or the earth or the moon. The rings are more masculine when made of yellow gold.

While the traditional diamond is the most popular type of wedding band, it’s important to remember that couples can also choose a wedding band without any gemstones. Some couples choose a matching band, while others prefer to have their own tastes represented in the wedding band. Again, personal preference is important, but there are many different types of wedding bands to choose from. A band with a gemstone may symbolize a special memory or a shared history.