Get Married in Space

space wedding

Getting married in outer space sounds like something from science fiction, but this dream has become a reality for couples who wish to get married in zero gravity. In Japan, a space transportation company has teamed up with a wedding planner to launch couples 100 kilometers into the sky. For 240 million yen, couples can have their wedding ceremony aboard the company’s suborbital spaceplane. The space plane will reach altitudes of 62.1 miles or 100 kilometers, and it will also include a photo album for each couple.

The space wedding will cost approximately $250,000 per couple, and it will take about 60 minutes to conduct the ceremony. Flight Advantage says it will have the first space wedding in 2011 and expects a lot of interest from Chinese and Arabian customers. Ultimately, this dream will become a reality for many people. For now, it will be a dream come true, but there are many obstacles that need to be overcome before the dream can become reality.

Yuri and Ekaterina’s wedding will take place in space. The space mission will last until the end of October, and their wedding will be broadcast on NASA television. To celebrate the wedding, the couple has already chosen a church in Yaroslavl, Russia, with traditional Russian church architecture. A friend of the couple says their kids loved the idea of having a space wedding. And the couple’s plans have been met with disapproval from some Russian space officials.

In July 2008, Ekaterina Dmitriev, a Russian citizen, married Russian cosmonaut Yuri Malenchenko via a satellite link. Malenchenko was at NASA’s headquarters in Houston, Texas, while his wife was on board the International Space Station. The wedding ceremony was recorded and the wedding march was played from the International Space Station. The couple were married 16 years ago, but the impact was still felt years later.

After the chapel is built, the couple can then decide if they want to have their ceremony on Mars or in Earth orbit. The ceremony will be broadcast live and will be available for guests to watch. The Chapel of the Flowers will broadcast the entire ceremony, making it possible for the couple to get married in space. If the two-mile-high chapel on Mars is built, it will be as spectacular as its destination. And the best part? It will not need a building permit!

The raw spaces are often cheaper than the upscale venues, but they can reflect the couple’s unique personality and love story. The wedding planner you hire will be your main liaison with all of the vendors. Choosing a raw space venue is an excellent way to save money and still get the wedding you want. The wedding planning should be timed so that you can coincide with the big day. And if you want to have an outdoor ceremony, the venue should be able to accommodate the number of guests.