Weddings in Space

space wedding

The Russian cosmonaut Yuri Malenchenko and his Earthbound bride, Ekaterina Dmitriev, got married in space. The wedding took place via video link from NASA’s Houston headquarters. The wedding took place a little more than 16 years ago, when Dmitriev proposed to her future husband. Despite being far away from the Earth, she was able to walk down the aisle while listening to a David Bowie song. Yuri even wore a bow tie to honor the occasion. In fact, there were also some memorable moments in the space wedding.

The Russian Mission Control Center never got in touch with the couple to confirm that the ceremony would be conducted. The reason? The Russian space agency, which controls the ISS, said the wedding was private. In addition, a Russian official said state resources should not be used for the wedding. After a few days, Yuri Malenchenko landed on Earth and found Ekaterina waiting for him. She had relocated to Russia but hadn’t given up her U.S. citizenship. The couple later got married in Yaroslavl. Their daughter, Camilla, was born two years later.

In a world with zero gravity, space weddings are a dream come true for some people. Despite their high price, the space tourism industry has been on the rise since 2001. American billionaire Dennis Tito paid $20 million to the Russian space agency for the right to hold his wedding. The space program has now made space weddings a reality. In fact, space tourism has now become a hot commodity. And why not give it a shot?

A space wedding can be very expensive, but there are many benefits to a space ceremony. The space environment is perfect for a romantic ceremony. The bride is dressed in a stunning traditional wedding gown that she ordered from the most exclusive Houston wedding salon. She walks down the aisle to David Bowie’s ‘Absolute Beginners.’ She smiles ecstatically at her groom on a video conference monitor. During the ceremony, she puts on the wedding ring herself.

For couples who can’t afford to pay the high price, they can still have their dream wedding. Japanese space transportation provider Rocketplane Kistler has teamed up with a space wedding planning firm, First Advantage. The Rocketplane XP suborbital spaceplane will cost 240 million yen (£2.2 million) and reach a maximum altitude of sixty-two miles. For the ceremony, couples can even have an album sent to them from outer space.

The couple also received donations to help pay for the wedding. They met in 2007 and began dating. After Knox was acquitted of the murder charges against him, Robinson proposed to her in a lavish sci-fi themed wedding. They have been legally married since last year. They are now living happily ever after. And their space wedding isn’t over yet. And their wedding was celebrated on July 17th. The Russian Aerospace Agency initially tried to prevent the couple from marrying in space, but they gave their blessing. They said other cosmonauts won’t be able to marry in space, but they will change the rules in future contracts.