A Space Wedding Is a Dream Come True

space wedding

A space wedding has become a reality after an American woman married a Russian cosmonaut 16 years ago. In May, Ekaterina Dmitriev married Yuri Malenchenko via video link from the International Space Station. Her wedding was broadcast from NASA’s Houston headquarters. Yuri was on the International Space Station. The two were joined by a life-size cardboard cutout of the couple. The ceremony included speeches by both the bride and groom, and a wedding march played by the best man.

The couple is not yet legally married, but their hopes are high. Space weddings are not currently legal in the U.S., but space tourism is booming. In June, American billionaire Dennis Tito paid a Russian space agency $20 million to hold the ceremony. Currently, Space Perspective is taking reservations for space weddings in 2024. Although tickets cost $125,000, they are still significantly less than the $250k 90-minute flight on Virgin Galactic.

A Japanese firm has started accepting reservations for wedding ceremonies in space. The weddings will take place a hundred kilometers above Earth’s surface. The ceremony will cost about 240 million yen ($22 million) and include a photo album. Guests can also watch the event live via broadcast from outer space. However, this experience isn’t for everyone. A space wedding is a unique and unforgettable experience. For those looking to make their wedding unique and memorable, a space wedding could be the perfect choice.

While the Russian mission control center was unable to contact the groom, they were able to arrange a private ceremony for the two cosmonauts. They were able to marry and have a wedding two months after their space mission. A friend in Houston stood in for Malenchenko. The ceremony was classified as a “private family conference.”

Yuri’s mission was extended until the end of October, which put the wedding back a few months. However, the ceremony was still a success because the ISS had already landed south of New Zealand. Although the mission was risky, it was possible to postpone the wedding. In any case, Yuri’s wedding would have been a dream come true. In October, Malenchenko returned to earth to be with his bride, but not before the ISS re-emerged into sunlight.

A raw space is often the most sentimental of all the wedding locations. Not only can it be a budget-friendly option, but a raw space is a unique way to celebrate your union. The space should be versatile and show the two sides of your story. You’ll want to divide the space into two sections – seating and ceremony. This way, the seated guests will have a clear view of the ceremony site. Peeking around corners or under a roof support is not a pleasant experience.