Space Weddings – Why You Should Consider One

space wedding

In 2013, a U.S. citizen of Russian descent and Yuri Malenchenko wed in orbit via satellite video link. While the groom was on board the International Space Station, the bride was on earth at NASA headquarters. The ceremony was filmed for posterity. The couple’s children loved the experience and their children wore bow ties to mark the occasion. Though Russia’s space authorities initially disapproved of the couple’s plans, their kids’ reactions were quite a lot of fun.

Several companies are offering space weddings. The Florida-based firm Space Perspective is one of the few that offers this unique experience. Their company operates balloons that carry up to eight people 100,000 feet above the Earth. In comparison, an average commercial aeroplane cruises at three to four thousand feet above sea level. As a result, a space wedding in space is more than twice as high as most traditional weddings. If you’re planning to tie the knot in space, now is the time to start planning.

Yuri Malenchenko was born in 1961 and went on five space missions, spending more than two years in orbit. His time in space is second only to John C. Stennis, who has spent over a year in space. His cosmonaut career lasted well beyond his first mission to the ISS, and he’s currently ranked number two in the list of the longest-serving cosmonauts, clocking 827 days and nine hours. The couple owe much of their fame to their space wedding, which he performed with his friend in Houston.

The space wedding ceremony will be broadcast live from a Mars chapel. Since the marriage is conducted in a vacuum, the astronauts in orbit will be able to see the couple’s faces in real time. The broadcasted ceremony will be broadcasted live to a large audience, giving guests a chance to watch the entire ceremony live. There are a number of companies that offer space weddings to tourists. The company also runs space weddings in Japan, China, and the Arab Gulf nations, but has no plans for a wedding in the U.S.

After the space flight, Yuri Malenchenko and his wife moved to Russia. They didn’t renounce their U.S. citizenship, and they got married in a private airport in Yaroslavl, a city in the north of Moscow. The marriage resulted in a daughter, Camilla, and was a surprise for many people. Despite the risk, Yuri Malenchenko has gone on to fly two more missions on the ISS.

Yuri Malenchenko is a U.S. citizen and has been in space five times. Currently, he is the second-longest cosmonaut in history, and has spent over eight years in space. The space wedding is the reason he is so famous. It was recorded by Roscosmos security service and classified information, and the space mission was a success. So, Yuri Malenchenko is a space-loving man, but the world has never seen his like.