The History of Wedding Rings

A wedding band is a circle that symbolizes a marriage. A couple is married when a ring is presented to their partner and this is a traditional ceremony. A ring has a symbolic meaning – a circle has no beginning and no end, and it represents the eternal love between two people. Traditionally, a couple would exchange rings three times to show their eternal love. Today, it’s not just the rings that have a symbolic meaning. A couple may choose any type of wedding band, as long as it is timeless and represents the relationship of the two individuals.

The history of wedding rings goes back thousands of years, and the Egyptians believed that the vein on the ring finger connected to the heart. This meant that the wedding band should be worn close to the heart. The Greeks and Romans continued this tradition, making betrothal rings out of iron, and wearing gold rings. The style of the ring varied from person to person, but the majority of people wore plain, bejeweled rings.

There is another reason for a wedding ring to have symbolic value. Most people associate the metal used to make the ring with strength and stability. A marriage ring is supposed to last forever, and a platinum engraves the word “forever” in the wedding couple’s minds. For these reasons, wedding rings should last for a lifetime. A platinum engraves both names and a date, as well as a phrase of importance to the couple. A traditional engagement engraves the ring with a woman’s name, while a bride’s ring usually has some bejeweled embellishments.

Historically, the finger vein of the ring finger is considered the vein of love. The Romans adopted this belief and continued to wear wedding rings on the ring finger. Though it’s anatomically incorrect, this tradition lives on to this day. During the Medieval Age, wedding rings began to be set with precious gems. In addition to diamonds, sapphires, and rubies represent passion, fidelity, and the sky.

During ancient times, marriage rings were commonly made of noble metals to symbolize the permanence of the marriage. The name of the bride’s spouse, the date of the wedding, and even a phrase of significance to the couple are often engraved inside the bands. While the engagement ring is usually plain, the bride’s wedding ring is frequently bejeweled. Unlike engagement rings, stackable bands are very trendy. They allow the wearer to easily change the look of their wedding band on a daily basis.

A wedding ring can have a symbolic meaning. The metal used to make a wedding ring is usually very tough and durable, and it can withstand repeated wear and tear. As long as it’s properly cared for, platinum is an excellent choice for a ring. But, the price is an important factor when choosing a ring. If you want a ring that symbolizes eternal love, you should consider the metal it is made from.