Space Wedding

This is the first ever space wedding. The couple, cosmonauts Sergei Malenchenko and Natalia Volkov, wed via satellite video link from NASA headquarters. Their ceremony took place on July 17, but Russian Aerospace Agency officials tried to stop the ceremony. This is because of Soviet-era rules requiring military officers to ask permission before marrying a foreigner. While they eventually gave in, the couple said they would keep the rules in future preflight contracts.

To make their wedding possible, Russians have made a deal with Japanese company Rocketplane Kistler. They will pay 240 million yen ($2.2 million) for the privilege of a space wedding. The cost will cover the cost of the suborbital flight, which reaches a height of 100 kilometers (62 miles). The price includes a photo album and a video recording of the ceremony. In this way, the couple can see each other in a completely new way.

The ceremony itself was a unique event. The astronauts wore formal flight uniforms, and the best man was Ed Lu. The transmission was classified as a private family conference. The bride and groom then marched into the space station to the tune of David Bowie’s song, “Absolute Beginners.” In Houston, the husband-to-be was the proxy. They were married by a friend of Malenchenko who performed the ceremony. The marriage was arranged by a robot. The cosmonauts blew kisses to the bride, and Ed Lu played a piece of Mendelssohn’s “Wedding March”.

Although it may be rare to marry in outer space, this is an exceptional way to celebrate your union. The ceremony took place from a private airport in Oklahoma. It is not common to perform such ceremonies in the United States, but it is becoming a popular option in other countries. It is an incredibly unique experience for couples who have an adventurous spirit. In the end, it’s a truly memorable day and a unique experience that will last a lifetime.

The space wedding was a unique occasion that was deemed a huge success. The cosmonaut’s wife, Ekaterina Malenchenko, were married aboard G-Force One in the spaceship. The astronaut’s friend had been standing in for Yuri at the ceremony, but the two of them were able to kiss and exchange vows while the astronaut was away. However, a space wedding is not allowed for cosmonauts who have signed a contract with the Zero Gravity Corporation.

The space wedding was a unique affair that would make any couple feel special and cherished. The two were married via video link from the astronaut’s home in Oklahoma. The wedding lasted about an hour. During the ceremony, the couple danced to David Bowie’s song “Absolute Beginners.” A cosmonaut can have a space wedding by virtue of his U.S. citizenship. The ceremony can also be performed in the US.