The First Space Wedding

In November 2011, a Russian cosmonaut, Yuri Malenchenko, tied the knot in a space wedding. Ekaterina Dmitriev, a former NASA astronaut, married the Russian cosmonaut via video link from the International Space Station. The couple got married on April 16, 2016 in Houston, Texas. The ceremony lasted about four hours, and the wedding was broadcast live online, with a wedding march played by the bride’s best man.

To make the occasion more memorable, the couple planned a video conference to take place on the ISS. This meeting was classified as a private family event, so it was not broadcast on NASA’s television network. In addition, the groom, Yuri Malenchenko, wore a white tie and a bow tie, and the couple exchanged rings in a ceremony on the International Space Station. Although only one of them was in orbit, the effects of the first “space wedding” could be felt for years to come.

To celebrate the occasion, the couple hired a balloon company to launch a capsule into space. The balloon floats at an altitude of 19 miles or 100,000 feet. Eight passengers can travel on board. The ceremony lasts for about six hours. The experience is so amazing that many customers have bought entire capsules and have a group event or wedding. This is definitely a unique way to tie the knot. And if you are looking for a romantic, unforgettable wedding, a space wedding is the perfect option!

The couple chose to wed via a satellite video link. While Yuri was on board the International Space Station, Ekaterina was on Earth. She wore a formal flight uniform. She recited the lyrics of the David Bowie song, “Absolute Beginners.” The ceremony took place as a proxy marriage, with Yuri Malenchenko at NASA headquarters in Houston. Ed Lu played the “Wedding March” in the background while the couple blew kisses to each other.

The couple married in a space balloon, but the wedding was still a real wedding. Yuri Malenchenko was married in Houston, Texas, and the two were joined in the air in outer space by their respective families. The two were in separate locations, but they were greeted by each other with a warm hug and a beautiful bow. A space marriage in a balloon is one of the most unique ways to tie the knot.

The Japanese space transportation company Rocketplane has partnered with a U.S. citizen, Ekaterina Dmitrieva. The pair got married on a suborbital spaceplane. The two were separated by a satellite, but the two were joined at the same time. They had their wedding on the International Space Station on the same day. The two had a traditional ceremony in Houston and Yuri was on board the suborbital spaceplane. The bride and groom blew each other kisses, and they were joined in a virtual union.