A Space Wedding Can Be a Unique and Memorable Event

space wedding

A Space Wedding Can Be a Unique and Memorable Event

A space wedding was first held in 1999, with the marriage of Ekaterina Dmitrieva and Yuri Malenchenko. The couple married via video conference from NASA headquarters in Houston, Texas. The ceremony was classified as a private family event, so it wasn’t broadcast on NASA television. A bow tie and wedding ring were sent to the ISS on a Progress cargo spacecraft. The bride wore a diamond-set ring, while the groom wore a gold-set bow tie.

A special type of space balloon was used for the space wedding, which costs 93 lakh rupees. The couple opted for a special flight in which the bride wore a custom dress. The journey is six hours long, and the couples’ guests were able to enjoy the view while in zero gravity. After the ceremony, the newlyweds were sent back to Earth. The Earth’s atmosphere is completely different from the atmosphere in outer space, and this meant that the bride had to wear a gown and shoes that could withstand such extreme conditions.

While it is unlikely that anyone will get married in space, there are a number of companies that specialize in putting on these kind of events. The U.S. Space and Rocket Center is offering their services for a space wedding. These experts can assist couples with the logistics of the wedding, and can even arrange live broadcasts of the event. This would certainly be a unique and memorable experience. A space wedding can be just what you want for your wedding.

The couple had no problems with a space wedding after returning to Earth, but this didn’t stop him from marrying Ekaterina Malenchenko in 2007. A month after their marriage, Yuri and Ekaterina married in Yaroslavl, near Moscow. The couple later had a daughter, Camilla, and their marriage was approved. Many experts predicted that the marriage would have a detrimental effect on Yuri Malenchenko’s career. However, he continued on two more ISS missions and was even given a second chance. A space wedding isn’t permitted, but it’s not out of the question if you want to get married.

The wedding was a private family affair, and was conducted 100 kilometers above Earth’s surface. Despite the fact that Yuri was already preparing for the mission, he still planned to marry his wife. The couple got married July 17, but officials at the Russian Aerospace Agency tried to prevent the marriage. Its secretive nature meant that the marriage was classified, but Russian government officials said they would not allow any other cosmonaut to get married.

The space wedding was a success, but it was still difficult. The bride wore a custom-made space dress, and the groom wore his formal flight uniform. He was married in Houston, but he had to perform the ceremony in Houston before his fiance could be sure of his future. Fortunately, the cosmonaut performed the ceremony in his absence, and the wedding was broadcast live in the media. The upcoming satellite will make the ISS’s flight possible.