Yuri Malenchenko and Ed Lu Are Martian Wedding Planners

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Yuri Malenchenko and Ed Lu Are Martian Wedding Planners

One man who is about to tie the knot in space is a Russian cosmonaut, Yuri Malenchenko. He was born in 1961 and has been to space five times. His time in space is well over two years. He is the second-longest living cosmonaut, clocking 827 days and nine hours in space. In 2011, Yuri married his earth-bound bride Ekaterina Dmitriev. Their romantic story has become a hit on the Internet and NASA’s space program has even set up a hotline to discuss the possibility of a space wedding.

Although the idea of a space wedding has been around for a long time, it’s only now coming to fruition. The Japanese space transportation provider Rocketplane Kistler has teamed up with the Houston-based wedding planner First Advantage to create the ultimate space wedding. The price of the wedding is 240 million yen ($2.2 million) and includes the ceremony and a photo album. Yuri Malenchenko’s bride wore a rose-diamond-encrusted flight uniform, and Ed Lu was his best man.

As a wedding venue, a space wedding is an innovative and expensive affair. However, few would dare to do it without the money and the experience. While Yuri and Ed had to hire a local architect, they managed to make a real-life wedding in outer space possible. The cost of this luxury will be much less than the $250k 90-minute flights that Virgin Galactic offers. The best part of this unique space-wedding option is that you don’t need to wait until 2025 to get married on the red planet.

A space wedding may sound far-fetched for many people, but it’s not impossible, and it’s not impossible. In the years to come, a Mars chapel will open to the public. In the meantime, the company is taking reservations for space weddings, and plans to start offering them by 2024. A ticket to the upcoming lunar mission costs $125,000, which is a bit less than Virgin Galactic’s $250k 90-minute flight to space.

The couple’s wedding on Mars is unique and very beautiful. The ceremony will take place on the red planet, and Yuri’s friend will be his best man. The astronauts’ mission will last one hour, and he and his bride will spend four minutes in microgravity. And Yuri and Ekaterina will have a child together in the future. Their marriage will be the first in the history of history.

While a space wedding is an incredibly romantic gesture, it’s not possible for the astronauts to marry in space. Their contracts prohibit it. While the couple’s wedding was in the sky, it was broadcast to Earth from a satellite. But the cosmonauts had no such choice. A space wedding on Earth, as in any other world, is a romantic and unique ceremony. The couple’s wedding took place 100 kilometers above the Earth’s surface, and the live broadcasts of the ceremony were filmed.