Astronaut and Cosmonaut Wed in a Space Wedding

A Russian cosmonaut and an astronaut from Houston have tied the knot in a special space wedding! The ceremony was conducted via video link from the International Space Station, and the bride, Ekaterina Dmitriev, wore a specially designed dress made to withstand microgravity. The groom, Yuri Malenchenko, was dressed in a custom tuxedo, which was created by J.Lucas Clothiers. The groom’s wedding ring was created by jeweler Chris Ploof and set with precious stones – diamonds, rubies, and other precious stones – set in gold and silver.

The space wedding was first witnessed on the television show “Graybles 1000+” and took place on a rose-diamond ship surrounded by spaceships. The couple wore a white bow tie and were married on board the ship. They were joined by three other guests and a priest, which added an extra level of excitement. The wedding was recorded and broadcast live from outer space, where the guests could watch the ceremony.

The ceremony was performed through a satellite video link, and the bride wore a red dress, which was worn by the bride. She then marched into the ceremony to the tune of David Bowie’s “Absolute Beginners”. Ed Lu played the “Wedding March” while the ceremony was taking place. The reception lasted for an hour, with the newlyweds exchanging hugs and kisses. After the wedding, Yuri Malenchenko’s friend stood in for him in Houston, where the celebration was completed.

Despite the difficulties of planning a wedding in outer space, it’s possible for a cosmonaut to have a dream wedding. In July of 2012, Yuri Malenchenko and his wife were married via satellite video link from their Houston apartment. Their marriage was only a few days late owing to the intense workloads of the two astronauts. And their wedding day was marked by the live broadcast from outer space, despite the distance.

While the actual wedding took place in a spaceship, the two astronauts didn’t have time to plan it. A Tokyo-based company called Rocketplane, a firm that specializes in aerospace design, is planning a space wedding in orbit. The couple will have their wedding over 100 kilometers above Earth. And the ceremony will be broadcast live on satellites. The couple can also invite two other guests and a priest to be married from their home in outer space.

The first space wedding took place in November 2010 and was performed by Yuri Malenchenko in his native Russia. The couple married via a video link in a separate satellite. The event was marked by a traditional ceremony and a special reception. Yuri was wearing a red tuxedo while his Russian counterpart was on the International Space Station. The couple were also greeted by their friends. A wedding transmitted from Mars would be considered a “private family conference” by Roscosmos.