Space Wedding

space wedding

Space Wedding

A Japanese wedding company called Space Perspective has started taking reservations for couples who want a space wedding. Their goal is to offer space ceremonies by the year 2025. The couple will have 60 minutes in orbit to conduct their ceremony. They will also be able to view their event on live broadcasts from outerspace. For more information, visit The wedding takes place 100 km above Earth and is conducted by a priest.

The wedding was conducted through a video conference with a U.S. citizen and Yuri Malenchenko, a retired member of the cosmonaut corps. In addition to the ceremony, a bow tie and a wedding ring were sent on the Progress cargo spacecraft. The wedding ring was identical to Ekaterina’s, except for a diamond on the center. The precious stones were set in different shapes to resemble the diamonds on the center of the wedding ring.

The Russian cosmonaut Sergei Malenchenko had no time to plan his space wedding, but he did manage to get married on July 17. While there were some concerns about the marriage, the Russian Aerospace Agency officials were hesitant to deny Malenchenko the opportunity to marry a foreigner. Although they granted their blessing, the security services of Roscosmos did not approve the cosmonaut’s candidacy. The job requires access to classified information.

As the cost for such a wedding is prohibitively high, Space Perspective is hoping to start offering public space balloon rides from the Kennedy Space Center. It will be possible to hold a space wedding by the year 2024, and tickets are already available. The company is planning to launch its first test spacecraft this June. The cost of the trip is $125,000, which is significantly cheaper than the $250k price tag of Virgin Galactic’s 90-minute space flight.

The space wedding was not a traditional wedding, but it was still a memorable event. The astronauts’ families and friends from all over the world were able to attend the event. The bride and groom wore formal flight suits, and their best man was Ed Lu. The ceremony was recorded by a private family conference, but the wedding was also broadcast on a private satellite. The couple’s first official space flight will be scheduled in 2025.

The ceremony was broadcast via video link. The Russian cosmonaut wore a formal flight uniform and a wedding ring. The groom performed the ceremony by phone. The wedding reception took place in Houston, where Yuri’s best friend stood in for him. The couple exchanged their vows using a video-conference. The wedding was filmed as a private family conference. When the two arrived in Houston, they sang a love song and had a private party.