Different Types of Wedding Rings for the Right Hand

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Different Types of Wedding Rings for the Right Hand

A wedding ring or wedding band normally is a small finger ring which signifies that its holder is officially married. Normally it’s usually forged out of most preferably gold or some other precious metal, and is normally hammered in a rather heavy style. It’s always worn on the fourth finger of either the left or right hand. The most familiar style is that which goes around the ring finger – this is also the traditional one, although nowadays many brides are opting for a ‘creative’ ring setting such as a cubic zirconium (CZ) or silver wedding band. However, the most popular styles are those that go around the whole ring finger.

Historically, wedding rings were worn as part of an exchange of wedding vows between the two families in a carefully-carved ceremony. These days, they can be a simple piece of jewelry which you can wear on your own as a symbol of your commitment to your partner. They can be made from different types of precious metals, including gold, platinum, titanium and silver. Silver has always been a popular choice and is worn by more women than men.

Wedding bands generally come in one of two basic styles: flat bands or wedding bands. Flat bands generally feature a single metal band along the entire length of the ring, with the exception of the end, which may feature several gemstones. Flat wedding bands allow the bride and groom to exchange their wedding vows at any point prior to the exchange of the marriage contract. For this reason, the band may need to be custom made for each wedding ceremony, and is not the same type of band which will be used again after the wedding ceremony. A flat band may be useful for younger brides since they will be able to exchange their wedding rings before the wedding ceremony with their future spouses.

A very traditional form of wedding bands is the ‘tenderheart’ ring. This ring features three separate diamonds set evenly along the band, with a little heart shaped stone set within the center. The heart itself may be engraved with the first initial of the couple’s names or dates, or may be left blank. The tradition of giving a ring that contains nothing but a diamond begins with Queen Victoria, who is believed to have married her husband without a ring.

The other type of wedding rings is known as romans. Romans are much larger than traditional flat bands, and are usually made from a combination of gold and diamond. Most of the time, romans contain more than one diamond, although occasionally they are made with only a single diamond. The tradition of romans dates back to ancient Egypt, although it is not clear exactly where this tradition began.

The tradition of wearing wedding rings on the right hand was also started by ancient Egyptian royalty. Because of this, many Egyptians choose to wear their rings on the right hand while they are in public. Even though this may seem against the norm, the Egyptians continue to wear their rings on the right hand because of a strong tradition.