Cosmonaut Wedding Invitations

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Cosmonaut Wedding Invitations

A wedding on a space ship sounds a bit far-fetched, but such is the charm of the idea that some couples are going all the way with it. The wedding reception on a giant space ship resembles a more traditional wedding right down to the invitations and seating plans. It is also a big event since you can book the entire reception hall and have your reception on board the ship. If you want a memorable wedding for an even more memorable wedding, you can have your wedding there as well! There are plenty of unique wedding venues that can make your wedding spectacular.

If you really want to break the mold, consider having your wedding ceremony in outer space. Picture yourself sailing away at the edge of our solar system and having your wedding ceremony right there with all of your loved ones. You can choose from a variety of outer space wedding venues to suit your taste and budget. You can have your ceremony at the edge of space, a white planetarium, a greenhouse or any other type of location you think will work for your big day. Your wedding can take place on a soundstage in outer space, which is becoming very popular.

The outer space wedding ceremony is a great choice for a truly romantic setting. Many couples are choosing to get married in outer space because it is unique and unlike any other wedding ceremony or reception location. You can choose from many different space flight packages to suit your budget. A wedding planner can make all of the arrangements and choose the right equipment to have your ceremony in outer space. There are plenty of options available for you and your wedding planner, and you can have the wedding ceremony you’ve always dreamed of.

A space wedding ceremony takes place in a capsule. There is a ceremony under the stars in a capsule reminiscent of the original Gemini mission where the two couples are sealed together for nine days. The wedding dress will be made from your choice of fabric, possibly even the same one you wear in your everyday life. For the capsule wedding ceremony, the wedding planner may include the bride’s gown and the groom’s tuxedo complete with bow tie. If there is a space shuttle launch that day, the capsules will not be sealed and you will take your wedding party and their gifts with you on board the Soyuz.

The Soyuz capsule will take you and your guests to space to the surface of the red planet where you and your guests can live on the planet on a permanent basis. The Soyuz capsule is actually the same design as that used for the movie “Star Wars.” The Soyuz is being built by engineers and will not only carry the wedding march, but also a ceremony and reception as well. Your wedding planner can help you decide what suits your needs best. Once aboard, you will be taken care of by the cosmonauts.

The Soyuz capsule is not the only way to celebrate a wedding in outer space. A Japanese couple has been married in a Soyuz in 2021. There are many more space flight options available including commercial launches and unmanned manned missions. Once you decide to go this route for your wedding, you and your partner must make a decision about who will drive the ceremony and who will act as the wedding party planner. If you and your partner are able to work together to plan the wedding in a way that is respectful of all those involved, then you will have a wonderful ceremony.