Wedding Rings – How to Choose the Right One For You

A wedding ring or wedding set is a simple finger ring which symbolizes that its holder is officially married. Usually, it’s made of white gold or some other precious metal, and is usually hammered from a single piece of metal. In some cases, the bands are made from two or more pieces of metals and perhaps even coloured to give a unique effect. It’s common for wedding rings to be solid and simple in design, and have no embellishments such as birthstones or stones attached to them. They’re often quite affordable too!

The use of wedding rings is widespread, although they can vary greatly from culture to culture. In the UK, traditionally, engagement rings are exchanged between two engaged partners, with the wedding rings being exchanged after the engagement ceremony rather than on the day of the engagement. This is not a universal trend however, and other countries have embraced the tradition of exchanging rings between couples prior to the engagement ceremony. Some even prefer not to exchange rings at all, but to keep their finger in place by using a symbolic ring such as an engagement ring.

Traditionally, wedding rings are worn for a lifetime and symbolise a commitment to your partner which you intend to fulfil. They can also be used as a measure of status within a relationship, or as a means of borrowing money from a partner should one wish to enter a relationship with them. Many people also wear their engagement and wedding rings interchangeably, or sometimes on opposite fingers. This is known as a ‘ring exchange’ and is perfectly acceptable in some cultures.

Today there are a wide range of styles and designs available. One of the most popular wedding ring styles is the simple flat band, which is very plain and easy to wear. Other bands have engravings or decorative elements, and these can be either very elaborate or very simple. Some bands feature intricate sequences or patterns, and they can be made from different metals. The plain flat band is still very popular although nowadays, many people are choosing to wear diamonds or other stones in their wedding rings.

It is possible to wear wedding rings on the fourth finger of the left hand. This finger is called the “ring finger” or “thumb” and was traditionally used to hold wedding rings on for a toast or final speech. It is now commonly used as a way to wear watches or bracelets, and for other everyday items such as gym equipment. The use of this finger has declined in recent years, probably due to busy lifestyles and the development of technology and medical treatment.

Wedding rings are typically made of a combination of materials, including gold, silver, titanium, stainless steel and gemstones. Popular wedding ring styles are typically made from yellow gold, usually referred to as white gold. White gold is the most expensive because it is typically made from a mix of pure gold and another metal, usually ruthenium, which gives it a tinge of white. Black gold rings typically make a good choice for those that want something with a darker color, though it is becoming more popular to use platinum wedding rings. Platinum wedding rings are also becoming quite popular. Men typically prefer wedding rings that have a masculine design, so they will choose rings with flair such as a combination of yellow gold and titanium.