Planning a Wedding in Outer Space

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Planning a Wedding in Outer Space

What exactly is a “Space Wedding”? By definition, a Space Wedding is any venue that is not a traditional hotel or banquet hall. It can be a historic estate, museum, town-house, public park or other public building. The word “Space” in the term literally means any vacant space with the possibility of adding something special to the area. So if you are looking for a unique and different wedding venue, then a Space Wedding is for you.

When people think about wedding venues for their ceremony, they often imagine having their wedding ceremony in a grand hotel ballroom or cathedral. Although these places can be wonderful choices for a wedding, they are also often highly priced. The truth is that you can create your own beautiful wedding venue out of an outer space! You may be wondering how this can be possible but here are some of the things that you can do:

If you happen to live on the opposite side of the world from where your ceremony will take place, you have a lot of options available to you. If you happen to live in Los Angeles, you can choose to get married in the Pacific Ocean or the San Gabriel Mountains. In Denver, you can take place in the Rocky Mountains or at least one of the Colorado tourist attractions like the Genealogy Hall or the Grand Canyon. If you happen to have a home in the middle of the country, you have your choice of a city like Des Moines or Omaha. These cities have a plethora of wedding venues that are suited for outer space weddings.

An outer space wedding is a very beautiful ceremony because it allows you to be as far away from the crowd as possible. If you happen to be in Denver during the Denver Summer Festival, you will have the option of using a huge outdoor space for your ceremony and reception. If you live in New Mexico and you would like to get married in a desert, you will find that you have a myriad of different options for your ceremony location. You can choose to have your ceremony in a small ranch or you can have your ceremony in a remote area of a nature preserve. A lot of couples decide that they want their ceremony in the mountains of Nevada and have their reception at a time when there is no human traffic around.

When you choose a location for your wedding, you also need to make sure that you get a reception that is appropriate for the type of atmosphere that you will be creating. If you are having an outer space wedding, you should not have a reception that includes alcohol because it would ruin the entire mood of the event. Many people who are planning these types of weddings choose to do their ceremony in outer space suits because it creates the perfect atmosphere for their special day. You can choose a style of suit that suits both your personality as well as your marriage.

When you are planning a wedding in outer space, you will need to plan a lot of different aspects of the ceremony and reception. One of the things that can really help is to use a wedding march. A wedding march is a musical tribute to the couple as they cross the aisle on their wedding day. The wedding march plays throughout the ceremony, which is why it is such a important part of many space wedding receptions. A space wedding will have all of the atmosphere that you are going for in order to create a truly unique ceremony and reception.