Types of Wedding Rings

wedding rings

Types of Wedding Rings

Wedding rings or a wedding band is an often-used finger ring which signifies that its wearer is already married. Usually, it is made of silver or some other precious metal, and is typically hammered from gold or some other precious metal. Some wedding bands have diamonds set in them, though most of them do not. This article is talking about the basics of how wedding rings are made.

Traditionally, wedding rings are worn by men on the left hand. However, nowadays, many women prefer to wear their wedding rings on the right hand, even if they are still married. There are several reasons why women wear their rings on the right hand. For one, this is physically closer to the heart, compared to rings worn on either the left or right side. Wearing it on the right hand also makes it easier for the woman’s fingers to fit into the band, since she is not wearing it all the time.

Traditionally, wedding rings also had diamonds set into them. Diamonds are the most valuable gemstones that are used for jewelry, and they symbolize purity and loyalty. While diamonds can be set into any type of metal type, for example platinum, gold, or silver, the classic look is achieved with diamonds. The precious metal is so expensive that most people cannot afford to buy many diamonds, so this is the reason why most rings have diamonds on them.

Nowadays, couples can choose to have other stones set into their wedding rings, including rubies, emeralds, or other types of gemstones. The couple may also choose to have colored gems, like green or blue sapphires. In the Victorian era, a lot of marriage bands had different gemstones set in them, so that there would be a beautiful array of colors available. Gemstones are now also commonly used for birthstone bands. Eternity rings are typically made with a single gemstone on the top and another smaller gemstone or gem set into the sides.

Wedding bands worn by men are usually plain, with metal touches such as a wedding band clasp, or simple without any design or embellishments. Rings worn by women, on the other hand, can have more intricate designs. Usually, the side stones are larger than the center stone of the ring, and many times, the band contains more than one gemstone. Commonly, women’s wedding rings contain pink sapphires or blue Topaz.

Another type of wedding rings which is growing in popularity is “beaded” or “tied” wedding rings. This type of ring has a large variety of styles, sizes, and settings available, and it can easily be worn for any occasion. They are becoming more popular because they are inexpensive, yet very elegant.