Wedding March in Outer Space

The Space Wedding is a unique wedding which occurs in space and has been seen on screen to-date. It’s set aboard a diamond-blue ship in space and is platformed above a giant rose-droid ship and several other alien vessels as protection. Two people are selected by the authority to act as fathers to the couple who will marry in this futuristic marriage ceremony.

A marriage proposal can take place at any point in outer space, but it is safest when it is under the auspices of a controlled environment like a marriage ceremony in a rocket plane. Since the proposal is going to take place in outer space, you’ll need some kind of a proposal. Two people can use a high-tech space ship to make a proposal, which has a camera on board and lighting synchronized to create a proposal on a cosmic level. Two people can fly to space and land on each other’s rocket plane to make the actual marriage ceremony. These are only a few ideas for a space wedding, but they are among the most popular.

One idea is for a space wedding planner to use a type of ceremony or reception like a band playing songs through a big space ship like a band performing at an alien ball or stadium. There could also be video of this wedding as part of the big space wedding ceremony planning. That way everyone at the wedding can see and feel what it’s like to be part of this big day. It would be great to have a live recording of the ceremony, just in case someone got lost on the way to the ceremony and didn’t get a chance to capture the event on video.

During the ceremony itself, the space wedding planners might set up a Russian mission control center on the Soyuz capsule and have guests sign documents stating they will be there, should anything happen. The guests could be taken back to Earth only to go back into the capsule, or stay on as guests on the Soyuz. Some couples choose this option because if something were to happen on the flight, they would still be living on the space flight. Their family and friends could fly with them to the space station and visit them.

When the guests leave, they can meet at the Russian mission control center for a reception where food and music will play while the Soyuz capsule takes off. After the wedding, the guests can take photos of the newlyweds and return to Earth. They may also want to join in one of the many international space flights that happen around the world on a regular basis. This is also a great way to spend time on a far off space ship where family and friends may be able to catch up on all the latest on their travels and adventures.

All of these ideas are possible using a wedding march as a backdrop. A special song is played while the Soyuz capsule is descending. Then the backdrop music plays again as the capsule is rising back into the sky. With all of the above information, it appears that there are many ways to have a unique wedding march for a wedding in outer space.