A Russian Wedding March

A wedding on a space vessel sounds pretty crazy but it is very possible. Russian cosmonaut Valery Yarovskiy has designed a wedding ceremony which would be set up in an empty capsule just like a wedding on the moon. The bride and groom will be under the stars and their wedding ceremony will take place in all its glory. There are several ways in which the wedding ceremony on a ROK capsule can be arranged.

You need to first find a suitable location where you will have enough light for the wedding ceremony. Many venues offer multiple viewing platforms such as LED lighting systems. Once you have settled on a place, you should get in touch with a wedding planner or coordinator who will be able to provide you with various options. Most venues offer both air conditioned rooms as well as indoor facilities such as a dance floor or a music system so that all the guests have the comfortability they need for the entire duration of the ceremony.

An outer space wedding would be really spectacular if you do it in a big hall or auditorium. If the event is being organized outside, you will also need to take care of all the weather conditions. It is not advisable to get married in a location which experiences extreme cold or heat. In case the weather is kind and lovely, you can take place 100 kilometers away from the city center.

The most exciting way in which a wedding on a ROK capsule could take place is by using a combination of a traditional Russian ceremony and an international space station simulation. A cosmonaut will perform the ceremony on the international space station while a recording of a traditional Russian marriage ceremony is played in the background. All the cosmonauts and astronauts who are currently working on the International Space Station will be present at your wedding. The ceremony will be completely in English and you will be able to choose the music for your wedding ceremony. A Russian bride or groom should be aware that all the recordings made by the cosmonaut on the space station will be recorded in Russian.

You can have a special song performed by a male Russian singer who is based on the hit song by Aerosmith. All the participants of the wedding will get together and dedicate a particular song to the newlyweds. The song may be a peaceful melody, dramatic dance numbers or catchy instrumental tracks. You can record the whole song in advance and then transfer the audio file to a computer. You should be sure that the wedding march will be played live on the International space station. If you have any audio recordings from the Rok’tek satellite, you should also upload them into the computer.

Your wedding dress must pass the scrutiny of a cosmonaut. It is very important for you to make sure that your dress meets all the requirements. After you have chosen your wedding dress, you will be required to submit three photographs – one each of you, one each of the bride and groom with a Russian wedding dress. If you cannot upload all three photos, you should send a U.S. citizen with two more photographs of the bride and groom. This way, if there is any technical difficulty, you will be able to obtain help from a U.S. citizen.