Wedding Ring Styles

Wedding rings are very special wedding tokens given to your loved ones in exchange for their commitment to you. A wedding ring or wedding band basically is a single finger ring which signifies that its owner is now married. In olden days, it was commonly hammered on by men on their horses and women on their palm trees. This tradition has continued till date, with men continuing to do so and women doing so.

Today, couples opt for a unique and one-of-a-kind wedding rings. You can have your choice of engagement and wedding rings crafted according to your personal style and meaning behind it. It also goes well with your wedding theme.

The most popular engagement ring material is diamond. Diamond wedding rings are a favorite choice as they are timeless, elegant, durable and very giftable. For those looking forward to a more extravagant wedding rings, you may consider having diamonds embedded in it or have it shaped like a heart with the heart as the center piece.

One more tradition followed for weddings is having bride’s ring given to the groom as a symbol of their everlasting love and commitment to each other. Usually a white metal is used for the ring but in some cultures like in Islamic countries, tradition demands wearing the ring on the left ring finger during the ceremony. Indian wedding rings are made of white metals like silver, platinum and palladium.

Wedding bands and engagement rings come in different designs and styles. You can get your engagement ring custom designed to suit your budget. Custom designed wedding rings are becoming more popular as they are easier to design and to incorporate your own designs. You can choose from the traditional designs of gold, silver or platinum bands. Alternatively, you can also opt for Celtic, Swarovski and other types of precious stones.

Many couples today are opting for wedding rings and engagement rings that are less expensive, simple and easy to maintain. This includes less complicated designs, less weight and size and generally lighter in weight as well. Such less heavy wedding rings are available for very reasonable prices and many couples are opting for such types.

One important tradition that is related to wedding rings and engagement rings is wearing them on the fourth finger of the left hand to symbolize a spiritual connection. Wearing it on the fourth finger is believed to have originated in Egypt where it was thought to promote stability in the relationship. It has its origin in Asia too where the tradition of placing a stone on this finger was believed to enhance the power of communication. Indian tradition and culture also contributed to the popularity of wedding rings and engagement ring styles. In India, Vastu believed that the use of wedding rings on this finger would protect the woman from evil influences like prosperity and fame.

Brides choose timeless styles for their wedding ring and in Indian tradition, many women prefer rings with stones set on yellow or white gold. They also prefer wedding rings that have precious gemstones set in it. Similarly, couples in Indian culture wear an eternity band which signifies an unbroken line of continuity starting from the creation of the world, till the end of time. Eternity bands also symbolize eternal love and loyalty between the two people.

The wedding ring styles and designs available in the market are countless and vary depending on the taste and preference of the person wearing it. Traditionally, women were seen to wear thinner bands as compared to men. However, with the changing times and with the advent of technology, the thickness of the bands has changed drastically and they are now as thin as men’s bands. The popular metals used to make wedding rings and engagement rings range from platinum to yellow gold and silver. With the wide variety of styles available in the market, the bride and groom would have an easy time finding the right wedding band style for them.