A Space Wedding

The Space Wedding is quite a recent wedding concept that has taken off recently. It is set up as a surprise wedding and takes place in outer space. It can take place within our solar system or it can take place thousands of miles away. In order for this to work there is the need for a very big venue. That venue will have to be big enough to hold everyone who wants to come.

So how can a wedding like this take place without the use of a big venue? One idea is to get married in Russia. There is a bride and groom that lives in Russia that are interested in getting married in space. They have set up a company that is doing just that, they are going to send their wedding video along with the invitations to their guests in Russian. A video link will be sent from Russia to the International Space Station. The International Space Station is hundreds of miles away and a video link would not be easy for someone on the ground to make.

Some of the guests at the wedding march into the picture and then some of that space wedding video will fly right off the space station and back to earth. In order to send a Russian wedding march and video back home to the cosmonauts there would need to be a very well made Soyuz capsule. A Soyuz capsule is not something that is easy to build or repair so if that were the case it would not be possible for anyone back on earth to view.

Fortunately there is an all around solution for getting a space wedding march and video sent back to the cosmonauts. A Russian cosmonaut has already built a machine that can do this. It is called a “malenkov” and it has already been modified to accept parts from various other Soyuz capsules. It also has a radio and a television inside. When everything is working correctly a couple of Russian cosmonauts will join forces at the “malenkov” and use it to communicate with the Soyuz capsule. By using the two unique machines they will be able to take a picture or two of the ceremony and send it back down to Earth.

The last thing is, in all seriousness, that it may also be illegal to have a space wedding. Although the law does not state a reason for it is highly doubtful that any laws would apply given that the only people that would be participating in such an event are the cosmonauts and their family members. After the ceremony is over the Soyuz capsule will return to Earth and the Soyuiper will return to the space flight. As of right now it is illegal to marry in space but that might change soon as society becomes more accepting of the new ways we can observe weddings from space.

If you can’t make it to Russia, don’t worry, you can still have your wedding in the United States. You can go to San Francisco, California and attend the ” rehearsal ” ceremony under the watchful eye of a very special guest, none other than Marina Sechi, the wife of the Russian cosmonaut, Anatoliy Sechi, who is the head of the Human Spaceflight and Expeditionary Program at the Russian Federal Space Agency. Sechi took the bride from Russia to San Francisco for the wedding. She is scheduled to appear on YouTube one day to give a demonstration of what it would be like to marry in space. It should be quite an entertaining moment.