Rings ofvoyers – The Second Generation of Satellite Rings


Rings ofvoyers – The Second Generation of Satellite Rings

A ring is actually a flat band, normally made of precious metal, usually of platinum or gold, worn as simple ornamental jewelry. The word “ring” itself typically indicates jewelry worn on the fourth finger, where the ring finger is located; when worn otherwise, the hand is specified in the term, such as earrings, rings, neck rings, bracelet rings, arm rings and toe rings among others. Traditionally, rings are worn on left fingers only, but today rings can be worn with any finger and in any hand. In fact, rings are used as engagement rings as well as signet rings for portraits are often carried in the form of rings.

There are several types of rings that one can find: gemstone rings, wooden rings, gemstone halo rings and planetary rings among them. Gemstone rings are rings made of rubies, emeralds, sapphires, and topaz among other precious stones. These are usually worn by members of nobility. Gemstone halo rings are rings that have a small planet, called the “halo”, encircling the stone, which is said to give the ring its quality of light. Wooden rings are made from wood usually rosewood, ebony, mahogany or tiger ebony among others.

Planetar rings are said to be inspired by ancient Roman customs in which there were planetary symbols denoting important events in one’s life, birth, and other significant happenings. Among these symbols, Mars was the most prominent symbol as it was associated with authority, bravery, steadfastness and protection, while Jupiter was thought of as a lucky charm, bringing prosperity and safety, Venus the flower of love, Jupiter the planet of joy, and Saturn the planet of truth. All these planets are considered to have their own meanings and there are a total of seven planets to be found on a Planetar ring. The ring may also be referred to as the “planetary” ring since all of the planets are believed to have influence on human emotions and can also be considered to be a sort of bond or relationship.

The “roche limit” is an old Italian term referring to the circle formed by the intersection of two celestial spheres. The word was derived from a cartogram, a type of diagram that was used to draw maps. In this case, the circle was used to represent the vertical position of the moon, sun, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, and Epsilon (the next largest planet). The entire system was created to aid astrologers in determining the appropriate positions of celestial bodies in relation to one another and to help them predict future events. The term has come to mean anything around the equator and was once considered a prerequisite to any successful astrological reading. A “roche limit” ring system may be comprised of anything from a wheel to a globe.

As far as I’m concerned the only thing that’s left in relation to the rings ofvoyers 2.0 is the concept of the wheel. Regardless of whether one believes the concept to be a hoax or not, it’s certainly interesting to me that many people see a connection between the concept of the roche limit and planetary alignment. In the main article I have discussed the roche limit and its effect on various aspects of astrology and planetary alignment and I believe that the concept deserves further attention in order to be discussed in greater depth.

The planetary rings themselves have also become popular in recent years because they can be easily spotted during amateur astronomy club meetings as well as during online photographic image searches. Some amateur astronomers use these as tools to learn more about the moons of Jupiter and Saturn, as well as other major planets. Some people even use them as a way to connect their daily life to the phases of the moon. Whatever the case may be, the general public has taken an interest in these rings and the information provided here is just an overview of what is available.