A Space Wedding – When You Can Be Married Under Water

space wedding

A Space Wedding – When You Can Be Married Under Water

The Space Wedding is a futuristic wedding which takes place sometime in the far future after humankind has left the earth. In this fictional event, the wedding takes place in space and is reported to be the largest and most successful event mankind has ever been involved in. In the episode “Graybles”, the wedding was platformed above a ship and was supported by a number of alien ships as protection. Even though the marriage does not take place in space, it is quite possible that this type of marriage could be legalized in the future if mankind begins to explore space.

A space wedding has a lot of historical significance, especially since only one day out of the year is available. Many ancient civilisations believed in marrying beneath the starry sky, especially when it was dark and there was no moonlight. After a month’s time the newlyweds would have their vows pronounced over the stars and their coats of arms drawn across the courtyard with lit torches. In some cultures, it took two years for the vows to be taken, however, in ancient Egypt they believed that it took three years for the marriage to occur. In addition to the long duration of the ceremony, space weddings were also very expensive and the bride usually had a groomman who was well-known because only one of them could marry without the others being present.

The Cosmonaut wedding itself was based on a true story of cosmonaut Ghermanov and his mission to marry a U.S. citizen while he was still alive. The story goes that cosmonaut went to the Russian mission control center with his cosmonaut wife and cosmonaut children to consult with the director about how his marriage would be arranged. However, before leaving, cosmonaut’s wife fed him and fed the director with a spoon! Thus began the legend of cosmonaut weddings.

For the international space station, an entire ceremony had to be built inside the Soyuz space vehicle. First, a couple was chosen from among the six other candidates. Then they were transported to the launch facility where they gave their wedding ceremony and then were welcomed aboard the Soyuz. It is said that none of the six guests ever saw the cosmonauts and so none of the six guest actually married while they were on the international space station.

A Russian cosmonaut was the first to actually marry in outer space. At the time, no one thought to honor this occasion with a wedding dress. However, later after the cosmonaut passed away, a couple was identified as the first ever married couple while wearing wedding dresses! A Russian cosmonaut made it even more exciting when he announced that a wedding dress rehearsal would take place 100 kilometers under the atmosphere! This wedding was to take place at the Vostok-insk Cosmonaut Training Complex in Starikonosk in Russia.

There is no way to tell when exactly a marriage ceremony could take place in outer space, but many believe that it may have taken place in 1969. The first two cosmonauts to marry in space were Alexey Pushyn and Gennaro Fila. Many believed that the first ever marriage ceremony took place at the Vostok-insk Cosmonaut Training Complex. Another cosmonaut who made headlines was Valentina Tereshkova. After her marriage to fellow cosmonaut Anatoly Romanin, she was allowed to spend a little more time in outer space.