All About Rings

A ring is simply a circular band, usually made of metal, often of gold or silver, worn as decorative jewelry. The word “ring” itself indicates jewelry worn on the fourth finger (or sometimes, the fifth finger); when worn on other body parts, the specific body part is specified in the term, such as earrings, rings, necklaces, bracelets, and finger rings. In the past, rings were worn with the wedding band; today, however, they are worn with all kinds of bands. For men, rings are typically used to symbolize a relationship or affection (usually romantic), while for women, rings are a sign of status. A man may wear a ring to indicate his past/pastel hobbies (e.g., golf, horse riding, fishing), while a woman might wear a ring to signify her career or education. A ring can be designed to represent one’s personality; for example, rings may represent members of the extended L.A. County family (think of the ring presented to John Smith when he was a young boy in the family photograph), or a person’s profession (e.g., an entrepreneur representing his company at a Board of Directors meeting).

Rings come in many shapes, sizes, styles, etc. Men’s rings generally include flat bands, high-end wedding bands, and sports/medal rings. They may also include gemstones and other forms of embellishment. On the other hand, women’s rings are usually simple and often include gemstones. Some women prefer simple, high-quality gemstone rings instead of anything fancy (such as men’s rings).

Traditionally, men and women wore their rings on their left hands, while women wore theirs on their right hands. Today, though, rings on either side are increasingly popular, particularly among college students. The rationale behind this is that if someone is wearing a ring on the left hand, it implies a possible romantic relationship with that person, while wearing a ring on the right indicates an engaged status. There are some cultures where there is still some tradition in which the bridegroom does not present his ring until after the marriage ceremony.

Rings can be made from a variety of precious metals, including gold, silver, platinum, titanium, and even tungsten. These metals are all known for their varying levels of rarity, but all are very valuable today. Though platinum and titanium are the most commonly used metals for rings, they are not as valuable as gold and silver, because platinum and titanium are relatively rare as compared to the other metals listed above. Additionally, ring material can be customized in order to make a ring that has a unique design or look. Customized rings are also becoming more popular. For instance, rings that feature a piece of diamonds or other gems are now increasingly popular.

A wide variety of rings are available for purchase today. Many online retailers offer custom-made rings to meet the specific needs of the customer. Some retailers even offer free ring sizing or alterations if the buyer wishes to try out a ring before purchasing it.

A wide array of rings are available on the market today. Styles range from simple flat bands to intricate designs with engravings or accents. Men’s rings can be more stylish and attractive than ever before. Brides can feel beautiful and feminine in their choice of rings during their wedding day.