Algebraic Rings for Astrology

A ring is any circular band, usually of precious metal, worn for ornamental purposes. The word “ring” alone by itself denotes jewelry worn on the hand; while worn otherwise, the same body part is defined within the word, e.g. earrings, finger rings, wrist rings, toe rings and neck rings. Some rings may have no visible stud or stone and be simply a solid band with an attractive design. However, if the ring has a visible stone or gem, that portion of the ring is referred to as the setting.

In my first article I stated that the term “jewelry” pertains to anything worn to ornament the human body. It was then explained that jewelry in its broadest sense includes any article of jewelry that serves to adorn the human body. Thus rings are included within this definition. It was then hoped that this would cover all types of rings including wedding rings and engagement rings but it was explained that for the article to be complete, it must be inclusive of a main article of jewelry that could be a pendant, bracelet, or any other sort of main jewelry item. After much debate, this definition was accepted as the main article of jewelry in the article “Voyager 2.”

One of the most well-known examples of a ring that is an important piece of the main article of jewelry is the ring that bears the Mars symbol. Mars symbolizes the warrior spirit, courage, nobility, and power. The reason that the symbol is featured on a Mars ring is quite simple to explain. Most people who wear a Mars ring have fought for their ideals, for their country, for the things that they believe in. Thus the Mars symbol represents a person who has fought to live his life to the fullest and to stand up for what he believes in. While there are many ways in which one could interpret this symbol, the fact remains that the Mars symbol is quite significant and it does represent the courage and nobility that many Martians (and people in general) have shown throughout history.

There are other planetary rings that have even been worn by celebrities throughout time. In fact, some of the more famous celebrities of the 20th century have worn planetary rings during their times in public life. Examples of these include Princess Diana, who wore a gold ring that was crafted out of the princess’s birthstone, the famous rock star Neil Diamond who also wore a gold ring, and the late Michael Jackson who wore a gold ring with two golden planets upon it. Of course, many people wonder how any of these celebrities would have kept their sanity if they had not worn such an important piece of jewelry. After all, the answer is quite simple: planetary rings are powerful symbols!

While it may not be possible to include all of the planets and moons within each ring in the description of this article, there is one major detail that must be included for every ring: the person’s birth sign. Each of the planets and moons is assigned a sign according to the skies, so all of the symbols used to represent them must be compatible with the star sign of the person. If they do not, the reader will not be able to interpret them correctly. The major point to remember is that all of the planets and moons are important to people’s life. For that reason, it is important that anyone choosing a ring designs should consider the person’s life-style and what they hope to accomplish in the future.

It is also important to note that the planets and moons are not themselves made up of prime numbers, but of natural numbers that need to be arranged in the correct order to make a complete binary combination. This means that any rings that are created from these natural numbers must be of the same shape, size, and order as a circle, a square, or any other basic geometric shape. As a side note, rings that are constructed with algebraic structure (arbitrarily ordered sequences of numbers) need to be based on spherical (cylindrical), equilateral (round) or hexagonal shapes (hexagon). There are also special types of rings based on the two binary operations (or sets of binary operations) associated with each planet and their moon.