A Marriage in Outer Space Wedding Package Could Be Your Best Option

What is a Raw Space Wedding? By definition, a Raw Space Wedding is any venue which is not a licensed hotel, banquet facility or church. It can be a park, museum, arts complex/theater, town-house, estate or historic site.

So now we come to my big question. Is it legal? Well, as long as the place you get married is not a place where marriage has been legalized, then there is no problem. However, there are many places where you can get married but not so legally and that is where my issue comes in. It is illegal in the United States to get married in outer space. You can get married in outer space but it is illegal for your guests to witness it and for your guests to witness too.

On another note, there is a long line of people who have said that they would love to marry in outer space. A couple in their 50’s did it and after 40 years of marriage they had a huge ceremony on a Russian cosmonaut. I guess if one wants to say that it is acceptable then that is all that counts. I personally will not officiate a wedding in space, however I will officiate my own wedding in outer space.

If you really want to get married in space and you are financially and physically able to get married then you have to make the choice a front-runner. You cannot afford to second-guess yourself or second-rate yourself. If you do not follow through then you will just end up in a soup bowl. There is no way to rectify mistakes once they have been made.

If your budget does not allow for a big and expensive wedding venue there are still options available. A small unmanned aerial vehicle (UVA) called the Solid State Radioactive Flux Orbiting Satellite can take place in your backyard. It is completely safe and stable. The only thing to take into consideration when you are selecting your wedding venue is weather. Not all venues can handle a UVA wedding ceremony, so check with your local weather forecast to see if you should plan on marrying out of doors during a blizzard.

A great way to make sure that everything works out in your favor is to purchase a Soyuz Space wedding package. Soyuz is a very expensive trip for the average couple, so it is best to book early if you are planning on getting married in outer space. You will need to buy your Soyuz space package from a reliable provider. Try to find a provider that has plenty of experience in this industry because if something is to go wrong, it will be costly to resolve.