How to Have a Wedding in Outer Space

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How to Have a Wedding in Outer Space

The Space Wedding is such a unique wedding concept that has only been introduced for the last two decades. In the episode “graybles”, the wedding was on a space ship and was attended by the entire crew. This was a first of many weddings that would take place in space.

The concept of this type of wedding ceremony is fairly simple. One of the main elements of it is that the bride and groom are capsules, floating in a capsule together. The concept is actually taking people to outer space and placing them in a capsule that is then launched into space. Once there, the capsules are not floating in free space anymore, but attached to a conveyor belt system. This is where the idea of having a wedding ceremony takes place.

Most people have visions of taking their loved ones on a trip to outer space, but the concept of a wedding in outer space has actually already taken place. This happens at spacewalks. These are exhibits that put people in a mock capsule and let them go through marriage simulations. This is often used as a way for companies to advertise their employee programs or get married in style.

Another idea that is similar to the space wedding is to have a space wedding ceremony on an international space station. One artist created a beautiful ceremony for his fiancee on the International Space Station. The couple walked through the Soyuz capsule on top of a Russian Soyuz. The wedding took place in a clear room, and photographs were taken. This particular artistic creation may be a violation of space station protocol, but if it is done for a science fair project or other reason, then it can’t hurt to try.

In addition to the possibility of having a wedding on an international space station, the same idea can also work for first time astronauts. It might be fun to have a wedding on a launch and then have the ceremony on the space station. Or it could be a first time for the cosmonaut to marry another human being. There is no limit to what can be done. The possibilities seem endless.

If you are not a bride, but want to have a wedding, consider a more abstract space flight theme. Many times a wedding planner will make suggestions to the couple on how to get married in outer space. A wedding planner does not have to do anything else, and if you both want to do something different, it is up to you to execute it. What have you got to lose?