Different Styles of Wedding Rings

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Different Styles of Wedding Rings

Wedding rings are one of the most significant pieces of jewelry a man can wear. This is because it symbolizes his love for his wife or partner. Since ancient times, marriage has been signified by wearing these rings. In fact, in the bible, it is written that David, the son of King David, was the first person to ever wear an engagement ring. It was then King Solomon, who borrowed it from the temple of Jerusalem so he could prove himself to be married.

A wedding band or wedding ring is usually a finger band which essentially symbolizes that its owner is engaged. It’s usually made out of white gold or some other precious stone and is often forged with diamonds or other precious gems. These days, couples choose from engagement rings, wedding rings, and bridal sets, which basically means a combination of two bands. For example, there are engagement rings and a wedding ring, and then there are bridal sets which include the engagement ring and the wedding ring along with other smaller pendants and earrings.

Traditionally, men opt for plain, solid-looking rings without any symbolic meaning. However, as the wedding ring has increasingly become a symbolic item, more couples are choosing to incorporate symbolic elements into their rings. One such symbolic element is the use of certain precious metals in their making. In particular, many are turning to silicone wedding rings which incorporate several precious metals into their bands. These may include; gold, silver, titanium, and even platinum.

Another wedding ring tradition which is gaining popularity nowadays is the eternity ring symbolism. Eternity rings are typically made out of a combination of at least two different precious metals; usually a gold band and either a silver band or titanium band. The at times other metal may also be used such as platinum or stainless steel. There are actually no rules or traditions that govern the use of these types of wedding rings apart from the fact that they tend to be larger than traditional wedding rings.

Many people also decide to wear one rings, but have matching earrings or other pieces of jewellery with the wedding rings. These types of jewellery would be matching in colour, meaning that the couple would wear one rings together. This can either be a classic look or could incorporate contrasting colours. For example, a more modern look would incorporate black, white, or platinum wedding rings and then a pair of pink earrings or other accessories.

Wedding rings are not just for traditional couples anymore. In fact, it seems that nowadays most couples are opting to be unique by having custom made rings. The key to these being custom made rings, which can reflect the personalities of the people wearing them. The only thing to consider when choosing custom made wedding rings is to make sure that they fit together perfectly. If they do not, then the rings will look out of place and you may end up having to go back to your traditional ring.