How to Plan a Wedding in Space

space wedding

How to Plan a Wedding in Space

The Space Wedding is an alternative marriage ceremony that takes place in outer space. It’s set in space and was actually first spotted in the popular episode” Graybles 1000+.” The marriage is platformed above a silver colored ship and with a number of alien spaceships surrounding it as protection. It happens to be one of the most exciting and unique weddings to plan.

The main components for this type of ceremony are the wedding dress, the wedding cake and the wedding officiant. All three items must meet specific requirements in order for the wedding to take place within the outer space. The wedding cake has to be made of a translucent substance and have transparent icing between its layers. This enables the cake to pass smoothly through the transparent icing. The wedding dress on the other hand, must be a pure white silk dress and must not have any color on it.

If you wish to have a space wedding, you will need to find a place where it is allowed and legal to hold such a ceremony. Many countries prohibit couples from tying the knot in outer space. Others don’t allow any human or animal to be involved. This means that if you wish to have a space wedding, you will need to find a wedding site which allows you to perform the ceremony in this environment. There are many resorts, hotels and even cruise ships which allow human weddings but won’t let you take your wedding dress with you.

When you are choosing a wedding ceremony location, you will also have to choose a wedding dress for your guests. A wedding gown in space can look very strange but there are capsule dresses available which have the proper attire. The capsule wedding dress is basically like a wedding dress which has been encased in a capsule and has integrated various features of a dress. For example, the skirt and straps will be separate and the dress will have the proper seams. Since the dress is in capsules, it will be easy to remove it and the attendants won’t have to do a lot of fumbling around.

Your wedding planner should help you in making decisions regarding the invitation cards. You may be able to design them yourself or use an existing invitation card and just modify it to fit in with the theme. You will also have to decide on a name for your newlywed couple. Many Russian cosmonauts prefer to call themselves Alex and Natalya but you should choose something fitting for your wedding ceremony. You can even name them both A-Nats.

In order to celebrate your first space wedding, you will need to find a cosmonaut groom and a bride with whom to share a honeymoon. It can be rather awkward to find someone who is already married! So if this is the case, then make arrangements for the groom and bride to get married aboard the international space station. This way, there will be no wedding planners to deal with. The groom and the bride can sit down together in a Soyuz TMA-1000 spacecraft and tie the knot. Your wedding planner can help arrange the marriage ceremony as well as other activities that you wish to participate in.