The Soyuz Wedding

The Space Wedding is a big romantic event that happens in the future. It’s set in space and has been first seen on the series “graybles 1000+. The marriage is platformed above a massive rose-red ship and with several other alien vessels surrounding it as protection. One of the guests is none other than the bride of the day. She is visiting her home planet with her father and her brother.

So the entire family to get together in order to celebrate the coming wedding. But while everyone is busy getting ready for the big event, an unknown guest arrives in town. And she is none other than the daughter of the groom. She is also invited by the bride, so this whole event is not only a celebration for the bride and groom, but also for their daughter as well.

So after everything gets ready, the wedding ceremony takes place and it is capsules where the guests are taken to the outer space. The guests are placed in capsules filled with liquid xenon gas. The liquid gives them a life-time within a capsule. The family is happy to see each other, but worried about the life they are about to lose because they have gotten no closer to their destination.

The only problem is that due to the extremely high pressure and extremely low pressure, the liquid metal has sent the patrons inside the metal capsules. The only thing that they can do at that point is to enjoy the ceremony and get married in space. The wedding planner tries her best to make the ceremony as exciting as possible while the guests wait anxiously for the nuptials to take place.

One thing that is very important is that the wedding must be planned before the cosmonaut has even stepped on the international space station. If this is not done, there will be a problem because the cosmonaut may not be able to control the descent properly. It will all be ruined. There was one occasion when a Russian cosmonaut attempted to do a back-burn just to see how it would taste like. Unfortunately, his oxygen tank ran out of oxygen and he had to come down with oxygen poisoning.

It was a beautiful ceremony; however, everything went very wrong because the wedding planner forgot about the Soyuz capsule and the wedding ceremony took place while it was under construction. It was a disaster. Even though the Soyuz capsule is one of the most popular ways of getting married and the cosmonauts love to use it, they do not recommend having a wedding there. Hopefully, all of this will be a thing of the past because the RK lunar colony was established and now people know how important it is to protect the Russian cosmonauts from getting a hold of their bride!